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04-24-2009, 12:15 PM
Resurrection is a later-night raiding guild that has cleared all content, including 10 and 25 man 3D before patch 3.1. Currently on 10 man we are up to Mimiron, and have only spent a few hours in a stable 25 man Ulduar, we have just reached Kologarn+

All times are server time - CST
Sunday 10PM-1:30AM
Monday 10PM-1:30AM
Tuesday 10PM-1:30AM
Wednesday 10PM-1:30AM

Recruiting the following classes for a guaranteed, full-time raiding position:
► Elemental Shaman or Balance Druid
► Exceptional Death Knight Tank

Recruitment is limited for every class, meaning we will review you each individually based on your gear (yes your gear, we are done carrying people), class and PVE knowledge.

What we don't want:
► People who afk consistently and hold the raid up on a nightly basis.
► Someone who doesn't show guild pride and put forth great effort on a weekly basis.
► People with no motivation to better their skills.
► Loot whores

The point of the game is to have fun. Members should not have to log on and worry about the same people bitching about something, or performing horribly during srs bsns pve time to reap the same benefits as those who give it their all. To apply, Resurrection of Twisting Nether (http://restn.guildomatic.com/) Thank you for your time.

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