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04-23-2009, 11:07 AM
No Quarter Given is a semi-casual Alliance raiding guild on CST based Eitrigg.

We are currently progressing through content and looking for members to fill out our 25-man raiding core. Our guild is not founded on "phat lewtz" but upon the relationships we form and on our members' ability to work and have fun together while accomplishing group goals. We don't point fingers, but each member is accountable for his/her performance and abilities.

Desperate But Not Serious (Casual raiding)
NQG is a progression-based, ''casual but serious'' guild. "Casual'' means that the guild does not have the extreme raid schedule or stringent attendance requirements of some of the hard core raiding guilds. ''Casual'' does not mean assorted casual, unskilled, or under-geared players trying to wipe their way to epics. We would rather have a more casual, yet skilled, member base that can progress in a shorter amount of time due to dedication and skill rather than raiding twice as often and just throwing warm bodies at the content. We are a guild of serious, experienced raiders who for one reason or another are unable to commit to a 5-7 day raid schedule. If you are looking for a 24x7 raiding guild then we may not be the guild for you.

Hungry Like the Wolf (Progression based)
We are looking for individuals who want to progress in the game and do new content, not for the gear but for the joy of seeing it and of accomplishing something as a guild/group. If you are just interested in gear, notoriety, or propping up your epeen, again we may not be the guild for you.

Everything Counts... In Large Amounts? (Small, yet focused)
Are you sick of the large guilds where only a fraction of the members raid or the guilds that have such an enormous raid roster that they could run different people every raid night? Are you looking for a smallish group of skilled players that consistently show up to progress together? (By small I mean base raid numbers plus enough alternates to fill in occasional absences without being bloated.) We are a guild with limited numbers, where a smallish group plays and raids together. Less hours spent raiding means that when we do raid, we expect everyone to know their class, their role and their 'place in the puzzle'. We are focused on progression, but many of us have real life responsibilities that simply don't allow us to maintain a "hardcore" schedule. We cater more toward the players that have a deep knowledge of their class and can perform well at it, but just can't commit to the time required by a hardcore raiding guild. We are focused on accomplishing more in less time with quality over quantity.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Raiding Core)
Do you want a small tight-knit family to play and progress with? Do you want to be more than a third-string, out-of-click, fill-in-the-blank raid slot member?
We are looking for individuals who can contribute and be part of our core raiding team. Many of our members have played since release and we are looking for dedicated raiders who are willing to theorycraft and are skilled at playing their class.

Should I Stay or Should I Go (Consistency/longevity)
We are a serious, well-run, and organized guild. We take raiding seriously but still have fun while we do it. While relatively new, we are in for the long haul and look to progress while having fun playing the game.

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Atmosphere)
Are you looking for a close-knit environment based on respect and mutual goals? Are you sick of guild drama?
NQG is made up of primarily adult players who are mostly looking for a place to kick up their feet, and call home. We want to play the game, and enjoy ourselves without fear of being scrutinized for having a life. We aren't ever going to give someone a hard time because they have a RL commitment to attend to. We want to be more than a guild; we want to be a community. If, years from now, a new expansion comes out which is more important? That you had a raid instance on farm status a month after release, or that you REMEMBER the fun you had downing your first boss there? We've all been in guilds where people inquire about doing instance/quest XYZ and you can hear the tumbleweeds blowing by. We strive to be an active, helpful guild and encourage our members to help others. However, we aren't here to support the lazy, those looking for a handout, or those who just wants "phat lewtsz". We want people who are self-reliant, but we know that one man isn't an island unto himself.

Friday I'm In Love vs. Sunday Bloody Sunday (Raid schedule)
We are currently raiding four nights a week. Our raid schedule is as follows:

Sun 5:30 CST PM- 9:30 (CST) PM
Tues/Weds/Thurs 6:30-9:30 (CST) PM

Raid end times are flexible and might be extended depending on member availability, progression, and time-constraints.
Shorter weekday raid times mean that we expect everyone to be on time, be prepared to accept their invite, and be ready to raid.

Nax 25/OS +3/EoE 25 clear Pre 3.1
Ulduar 25 2/14

Currently recruiting:
Tanks - Pally, War, Druid, or DK (2-3)
Ranged: Hunter (1-2), Mage (1), Boomkin (1-2), Shadow Priest (1)
Melee DPS: DK (1-2), Rogue (1-2), Ret Pally (1-2)
Healer: 1-2 Shaman, Druid preferred, any considered

Sweet Dreams (Thanks for your time)
Well that's about it. Hopefully there are those out there with similar views and goals. Please visit our website for class needs and feel free to apply if you feel that you are a good match. We encourage you to read our charter and policies to get a better sense of the guild.

http://www.noquartergivenguild.com (http://www.noquartergivenguild.com/)


04-26-2009, 12:20 PM
Still looking for a solid tank (non dk) and some exceptional DPS! :)