View Full Version : Deep Wounds V.S. Piercing Howl

04-22-2009, 11:38 PM
As the topic says, i'm wondering what would be the best for a deep Prot build for mainly tanking Heroics and 10mans,, no progress raiding.

Either go for Deep Wounds
Or go for Piercing Howl

I'm mainly leaning towards Piercing Howl, as it tend to help the healer alot on aoe trash and such, for example when Shield Block not is ready i go like, Shockwave the pack, when there's <1 sec left i use Piercing Howl and Intervene someone far away. And when piercing howl is about to go off i charge into the pack again. I've used this tactic successfully in many 5mans, however is this enough reason to drop the higher dps build that Deep Wounds gives? What's your thoughts :)

Thank you for your time.

04-23-2009, 02:42 AM
IMO if you only intend to use the spec for PVE/heorics then you're better off going with the DPS DW build. Personally I use my prot spec (which include piercing howl) to not only do heorics and OT raids, but for PVP as well where piercing howl really shines.

04-23-2009, 02:49 AM

The DW spec is THE spec to have all through naxx content (all heroics) for simple faster threat generation, higher dps and rage generation.

The discussions now are mostly aimed at how to spec for Ulduar with tanks now looking at deep survival for progression and dw hybrid for OT role.

In Ulduar the role of the tank is going to dictate the build imo and hense a possible use for dual spec.

Im running with the trad DW spec for 10 man Ulduar and then switch spec to a more survival spec for 25man OT/MT role.

For heroics and naxx i would still use the DW spec.