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04-22-2009, 11:21 PM
Exalted Legacy is an adult Alliance casual raiding guild located on Azjol-Nerub. We are looking for ranged DPS (casters of any kind, this includes shadow priests and boomkins) but are also interested in hunters as well. We raid from 6:30PM until 10PM MST on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We have cleared Naxx, Sarth, and Maly and regularly run heroics to help people get geared up, as well as doing daily Bronze drake runs for people who want them.

We have been raiding Ulduar and have Leviathan, Razorscale, Ignus, Kologarn, Auri, Iron Council, Freya, and the Deconstructor down in ten man, but are just a few slots away from filling up a full 25 man every raiding night. We have Leviathan down in 25-man, but attendance has dwindled due to conflicting work schedules and classes. Their loss, your gain!

EL is a guild comprised of adults who want to see endgame content and play, but who also have spouses and children and jobs to wake up to the next day. We try to balance work and play and advancement as much as possible. All gear except weapons, trinkets, and tier items are free rolled. Everything else is done on a ranking system based on how long you have been in the guild. But once someone takes a weapon or a tier piece, they are expected to pass for people who haven't gotten one yet, so everyone has a fair chance at gear.

We are not stuck in our ways, and are happy to listen to any input you may have regarding new things to try and new tactics. Guild chat is more than people linking their purples, and everyone does what they can to help one another. We're a friendly and fairly laid back group of players.

If interested, contact Avrilstorm, Prillin, or Devinity. Or put in an application at our website at Exalted Legacy - WowStead (http://www.exaltedlegacy.com)

05-14-2009, 02:25 AM