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04-22-2009, 05:07 AM
Devotion EU Terenas

Devotion is a non elitist, friendly and helpful guild, with class leaders to help you along the way. Our aim is to advance our raiding and have fun with people while doing so. We are a casual raiding guild. This means we will not tell you that you have to raid so many times and week and we will not punish you for not raiding. You raid when you have the time to do so; real life is more important. We normally have something going on every day in the guild, week days and week ends.

Devotion are looking for new members to join us and have some fun raiding.

We operate a Guild bank, Ventrilo server for coms, we also have many high level crafters in the guild that can help out on your kit requirements, with your mats ofc. Guild bank use is subject to deposits and rules apply.

We currently run VOA 10 and 25, OS, Malygos, Naxx 10 and 25 man on a weekly basis.

We have Naxx on farm 25 we have also done Maly 25, OS 2 Drakes up and we are working on 3D and the new content instances.

All applicants must be over 18 yrs or over as we have an age restriction in the guild. All applicants must be level 80 and should place an armory link in your application. Applicants should be working on their kit and be working on instances to grind what they need. Although we are not a gear obsessed guild, we expect people to be progressive and proactive to help the guild progress as a whole. Once signed up and accepted as a trialist, you will need to sign the guild conduct & read and follow the guild rules.

We are looking to recruit the following:

Healers: 5 places for any of the following

Resto Druids, Shaman, Holy Paladins, Priest

We are closed for the following:

Death knights
Pally (DPS)
Priest (DPS)
Druid (DPS)

Even if the class spot isn't open - apply - we take all Applications on there own merit


All raids are arranged on in game Calendar.

Raids are organised by raid leaders and although you sign up for the raid your not guaranteed a place. Raid selection is class dependent and the raid leaders will select from the available players who are online when the raid starts in order of sign ups on the Calendar. If you cannot make the raid you signed up for, all we ask is that you post to say you cant be there. Raid leaders are impartial in this selection with the interest of the raid in mind for the best chance to get a balanced group and complete the raid.

Raid loot:

Devotion do not use DKP but we do have system of loot sharing.

Trialist are not permitted to roll on progression loot unless no other member needs that kit for their main spec.

Main spec need rolls always outweigh Trialist, Alts or Off spec rolls.

Master Looter will be given out to officer and above ranks.

To apply follow this link: Devotion of Terenas you will need to sign up to the forum to post an application.

Before you Join Devotion and assuming you application is successful we would expect that you have spoken to your current GM and given them reasons for leaving them to come to us. This is no more and no less than we would expect of our members if they decided Devotion was not for them.

04-24-2009, 10:31 AM
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