View Full Version : [H - Shadowsong - EU] Bloodthrust Clan

04-22-2009, 02:49 AM
BTC is one of the oldest guilds on Shadowsong EU. In Wrath, we had all heroic raid content on farm.

We are now pressing forward into Ulduar. Our -10 man teams are progressing well (6/14 in the first week), and our -25 man group is quickly catching up.

We are looking to expand our ranks for heroic raids. Our raid schedule is Sun/Mon/Thu from 7:00p-11:30p (invites 30 minutes prior). Sunday's raid starts a half hour earlier.

We tend to do 10 man Ulduar on off nights, but there are also opportunities to continue to farm Naxx-25 to fill out gear sets.

We use a progressive pricing DKP system for loot (the more DKP you hoard, the more an item costs) that promotes even loot distribution for active raiders.

Visit our website at Bloodthrust Clan (http://www.bloodthrust.eu/), or contact any member of the guild in-game and ask to be put in touch with an officer or class lead.