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04-21-2009, 02:51 PM
The Free Legion is a casualcore raiding guild on the US Kirin-Tor server, Horde side. What's Casualcore? Most of us only raid 2 nights a week at most. We don't have any set-in-stone attendance policies. You don't lose points or any sort of standing for being out of town for a week. We try to keep our atmosphere pretty laid back, whether in guild chat, our Vent channels or even in Raids. However, we also expect ourselves to perform at a high level when raiding. We do our homework, whether its class/spec/play info, instance/boss strategies, or gear/consumables. We take it seriously, but aren't afraid to have fun while doing so.

Currently we run 2 10-man teams 2 nights a week (usually not the same 2 nights so that alts can be used to fill as needed.) We are through OS and Naxx10, and are currently on Maly10 (33%) and fully intend to enter Ulduar when Malygos is down. We are looking to expand our current roster (about 15 raiding players total) in order to move up into 25-man raids. Our biggest needs right now are Healers (We currently have 4, 1 priest, 1 paladin and 2 Druids; so obviously a Shaman or another priest or paladin would be a great help) and DPS (Range preferred but all are welcome to apply.) I would also like to pick up a Feral Druid or Death Knight capable of serving as both OT or DPS as needed situationally.

So if you're interested, feel free to stop by The Free Legion (http://www.freelegion.com) and check us out. Thanks and Good Raiding!