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04-21-2009, 11:25 AM
right now im on jaedenar but thinking i may move.
i am a warrior tank. have been guild hopping recently, looking for a guild i like. im in an odd spot because i love to raid but am not a progression whore. with ulduar out im still trying to get into 25 naxx cause i dont have all the kt loot i want (sword, shield, and helm) I havnt done mally yet, was in a small guild for a long time worked the progression and when we were about to start mally the guild borke up. went to a big guild and was benched cause you only need 1 tank and the gm was a tank. tried pugging it twice but got annoyed at dps doing 1k on mally. never raided bc or prior but im a very competent player. led naxx raids for my first guild and was very successfull.
as a player i know my class very well, and am always open to learning more and improving myself.
im funny. not saying that to toot my own horn, but i just like telling jokes and such. i want a group of players who knows how to have fun when your wiping on ulduar bosses for weeks so i dont hate my life in there.
so in short i have decient raid experiance, love to learn, knowlagable, and large sence of humor. if you are interested in picking me up dorp me a line, but i dont put out till the second date.
my link is in my signature check me out!