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04-21-2009, 03:26 AM
Hello all,
atm im runing ulduar 10 man and thinking of starting 25 (recently got into a new guild trial etc)

My armory is
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Grim+Batol&n=Simbala)

i bought the Glyph of vigilance, Glyph of Shield wall, and Glyph of vigilance, still considering to use them as offspec or replace the Glyph of devastate, Glyph of Bloking and Glyph of revenge, im a bit relutanct to drop the Glyph of Bloking and the Glyph of Revenge tbh.

i would like sugestions from more experienced ppl, on trinkets, glyphs etc, also if u think i would do better with other t7 content gear let me know (prolly i have on the Bag and dunno what im missing)

and please tell me that in ulduar 25 tanking as a warrior will not be a struggle to survive from trinket CD to last stand CD to Shield wall CD.
i know Ez mode is over but stil...

04-21-2009, 04:21 AM
The thing with the 2 min shieldwall and 2 min last stand is that it's still not possible to make a sustained rotation in the way that Death Knights did (I'm not sure if they still can come 3.1). That means you pop your cooldowns semi reactive, also... I've found that I'll get quite a few overheals if I just pop shieldwall when there's not something going on. However it helped me on a few progression tries so far.

Glyph of vigilance is what it is I guess. I'm not sold on it yet. It would be my third glyph choice in an unrelenting assault specc. Just maybe I'll replace cleaving in my threat specc to testdrive it.

For some reason your armory's not opening so I can't say anything about your gear at the moment. Hope my glyph rambling helps a little!

04-22-2009, 11:53 AM
I've had the best luck in Ulduar 25 using my high avoidance set. Think I am wearing it now if you follow my character link.

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dalaran&n=Kaedin)

Like I said, I've had the best luck in Ulduar 10 and 25 tanking with this. Actually I think I switch out a piece or two for more Expertise cause it's way too low in this gear set.

Even if I were a JC, I could get maybe 3k more total health. 3k health is nothing. Having 7-8% more dodge though is huge. Like, dodging an extra 20k hit or two huge.

Glyphs of Last Stand, Shield Wall, and Blocking. Spec is 8/5/58

Raid buffed I can get up to almost 30% dodge. Still close to 39-40k health fully buffed with flask.

04-23-2009, 02:06 AM
Well, avoidance simply helps stabilising loss of health and such - as good as it can be, it is very fickle and bad streaks do happen, they're just less likely to happen.

Then again... If you can get 80% total dodge/parry/block/miss and 40k health buffed that's quite decent. With very high levels of pure avoidance I've found my rage intake to get spikier, thus my threat output becomes spikier… I'm dead set on at least having 6-8% hit and 26 expertise skill in whatever set I tank with because threat does matter, after all.


04-23-2009, 10:38 AM
Ciderhelm makes me wish my paladin were a warrior.
(this contributed to the thread, whether you believe it or not)

04-23-2009, 10:41 AM
get dualspec and use the shieldwall glyph for that. The 5/15 spec is a survability spec but not great for threat only use it if you have to tank a hard hitting bosses and need the cooldowns. Other than that your normal 15/5 spec should work for everything else.