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04-20-2009, 08:10 AM
Turalyon PVE EST 8-12pm



*Balance Druid


*Resto Shaman
*Resto Druid
*Shadow Priest

Willingness to maintain a PvE offspec for dual speccing is a big plus, especially for hybrids.

If you are not one of the classes above do not worry you can still apply and if your application is exceptional there is a good chance that you will be accepted.

About us

Escalation is a 5 night a week hardcore raiding guild that is focused on progression and achievements. On our 2 month anniversary as a guild we managed to get The Immortal, finishing off about 20 Heroic: Glory of the Raider achievements we also have about 15 players with their Normal: Glory of the Raider achievements. So far in Ulduar, like many others our server was plagued with frequent lock ups in the first 3 days. We look forward to completing hard modes in the near future for all bosses and content. We have dedicated players and are currently running 2 10-man groups.

Our trial period will consist of anywhere between 3-4 weeks, subject to officer discretion of course. During this time all recruits will be evaluated based upon many factors, including general skill/knowledge with regards to their specific class, meshability with our guilds particular culture and humour. We want players that can do more than just play their cookie cutter specs. All hybrids are expected to play at least 2 specs no questions asked.

Our guild bank provides all consumables including; flasks, potions, feasts, enchanting mats, gems and other odds and ends like belt buckles etc... The only thing our raiders are responsible for is repair money and showing up prepared and on time.

What We Expect

We raid 5 nights a week Sun Thur. Invites are 7:45 PM EST. and raid starts at 8:00 PM EST. raids ends either at 11:30 or sometimes past it often until midnight. All raiders and trial members are expected to maintain an 80% attendance ratio over any two week period.

Escalation's goal is to complete content and the achievements that go with it. We want to be a top guild and we will strive to obtain that goal. We expect players to research their class thoroughly and to become a knowledge base to actively make you better. We want a player that can do more than just heal/tank/dps but one that can do any task outside their spec. For example pilotting vehicles on Flame Leviathan effectively.

We also want people to put the guild before themselves and help those players who need it in guild or out. That means establishing a good reputation because we are part of the WoW community, we do not condone or even accept our image being tarnished by people who spam trade chat/cause drama with others outside the guild etc... Our goal is to be a tight group of players that kills bosses quickly and efficiently.

We expect players to take criticism in any form. If you mess up we hold you accountable there are no excuses. Maintain a general respect for your fellow players and become a guild member not a standout.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact myself (Colour), Pizz, Streamer or Flysky in game or by in game mail.

Our website is:

Escalation A US Turalyon Guild (http://www.escalationguild.info)

PM all applications to Streamer.

If you have a very detailed questions you can Email me at jpatrie@ualberta.ca

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updated - Kologarn/Auriaya down!

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updated - Council/Hodir down!

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updated - Freya/Thorim down!

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updated - Mimiron down!

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updated - general down

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