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04-18-2009, 04:42 PM
<The Templar Risen> is a PvE Raiding Guild on Doomhammer (US). We are solid raiding guild focused on steady progression in a less hardcore atmosphere. Pre-WotLK we cleared everything from Kara to 9/9 Black Temple and were 2 bosses deep in Sunwell. To this point in WotLK we have cleared and farmed every encounter in the game except 3-Drake Sarth 10/25. Our goal is to re-solidify our raiding roster to push hard into Ulduar. Thus far we've managed to get a few stable nights on the server and down a few bosses.

Ulduar progression / Achievements:

Flame Leviathan (10/25): Shutout (10/25)
Razorscale(10): A Quick Shave (10)
Ignis (put on hold due to bugged adds)
XT-002 Deconstructor (10): Nerf Gravity Bombs (10), Nerf Engineering (10)
Kologarn (10)
Iron Counsel (10): I Choose you, Stormcaller Brundir (10)
Auriaya (10)
Freya (10)
Hodir (10): I Have the Coolest Friends
Thorim (10): I'll Take You All On
Mimiron (In progress)

We are looking for dedicated and consistent members who can make our 3 night a week raiding schedule:

Tuesday: 9-12p Est
Thursday: 9-12p Est
Friday: 9-1a Est

If you're a mature person, a solid player and can commit to our raid schedule, and especially if you meet our class need criteria posted below, we look forward to seeing your application!

Raiding Class Needs:
1-2 Holy Priest(s)
1 Resto Shaman
1 Shadow Priest
1 Balance Druid
1-2 Hunter(s)

To Apply or for more info please visit us at:
The Templar Risen of Doomhammer (http://templar-risen.guildomatic.com)

If you have any questions or would like to submit a private application please feel free to contact myself or Dsxsavior in game or send us a private message on our forums. Look forward to hearing from you!

04-19-2009, 12:36 PM
I have updated the information with last nights Ulduar successes

04-19-2009, 08:04 PM
More updates as more Ulduar bosses are defeated!