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04-18-2009, 12:07 AM
Hello, I am leveling a druid hoping to tank end-game contents, and I have been researching on the Infected Wounds talent.

As far as I see, all tanks have abilities that could reduce enemy's attack speed by 20%, and the abilities work on raid bosses. From the sound of it, Infected Wounds is a required talent for tanking; however, as I look around top guilds' feral tank specs, most, if not all of them don't have IW, and I am confused. The guide on Tankspot says that IW is optional if there are other warriors around to thunderclap (and I assume the same for pallies and DKs), but would that only be possible in 25 man? And suppose if I have been assigned to offtank in four horsemen (Baron Rivendale), would I be a bad tank since there are no one around to reduce boss's attack speed? I haven't done much on my main on Ulduar yet, but Assembly of Iron appears to be in a similar situation as well.

So my question is, is IW really that useless in 25 man? And should I skip it or not for 10 man/heroics tanking?

Thanks in advance.

04-18-2009, 12:22 AM
Heroics you don't need it at all. T7 content you don't need it, though it can have its uses. T8 content it's a good idea to have it if the mob you're tanking will not be slowed from some other source with how hard they hit.

You don't *need* it per se, it really does depend on your role, composition, and the healers as well

04-18-2009, 12:50 AM
You only don't "need" it as long as someone else is putting up the slow.

04-18-2009, 12:50 AM
Pretty much all the conclusions you've come to are correct. Its a good debuff, the other tanks can provide it, and its noticeably more difficult to fit into a 10m raid. The reason you see most ferals in top guilds not taking is because the shift of focus from survival (especially against melee) to threat generation occurs pretty early on in T7 and the majority of threatening end game bosses dealt magic damage or an ability that is off the melee swing timer at least. The choice between putting your last few talent points into IW or more threat will depend on your own quality of gear (and your healers). If you are new to tanking or early on in the gearing process where surviving is your only concern, absolutely take IW. If you're starting to feel the DPS push you on threat or realize you're not at constant risk of dying then spec into more threat instead.

Also, a quick look at IW usefulness in T7 (assuming someone else in the raid has the 20% debuff)

Anub'Rekhan - during the dangerous part of the encounter you shouldn't be hitting him
Grand Widow - Don't need to debuff adds, someone else can provide the debuff by time she enrages
Maexxna - someone else will do it
Noth - I'm not sure its possible for Noth's melee to kill you
Heigan - another weak melee gimic encounter
Loatheb - someone else will do it
Razuvious - you don't tank him anyways, adds hit really soft
Gothik - lol...
4 Horseman - a half-decent argument for it, but a large part of the damage is still magic and threat is more important on Thane anyways. If you die to this encounter, melee damage to the tank is essentially NEVER the issue.
Patchwerk - One of the other 3 tanks will debuff him
Grobbulus - weak melee, most threatening damage is magical
Gluth - The other tank should have it
Thaddius - Someone else can do it, you'll probably be cat anyways
Sapphiron - let another tank do it, and a lot of damage is magic/off the swing timer
Kel'Thuzad - Probably the best argument for taking IW if you are OTing the adds, but KT's melee isn't worth worrying about, higher threat to end the encounter actually prevents more damage.
Sarth - Melee damage is only a problem once 2-3 drakes are dead and only if you are the Sarth tank. Most guilds will tank swap at that point, or you can spec specifically for that portion of that encounter since threat is a non-issue.
Malygos - Useless phases 2 and 3, and the bigger culprits phase 1 are threat and magic dmg

So as long as you have another tank in the raid, theres only a handful of encounters it would be useful in. Just do whats right for you.

04-18-2009, 01:22 AM
Thanks for the quick responses, they make a lot of sense. In conclusion I should get the talent only if I'm undergeared and in 10 man content. Otherwise threat generating talents would serve better. Thanks again for the detailed explanations, I really appreciate it.