View Full Version : DPS DK needs some help.

04-17-2009, 01:57 PM
I know it may be a little early post 3.1 to get any definitive answers on which specs are the best but I would like to know if I'm on the right road. Before 3.1 I ran the 0/32/39 dual wielding build and was pumping out 2kish damage in 5 man Heroics and a little over 3k in the weekly 25 OS/VoA PuG runs. With that build gone I'm going back to 2 handers which is taking me a bit to get used to.

Here is my Armory. I'm not sure if it's updated yet, but the expertise gem in my helm has been replaced with Sovereign Twilight Opal and the Ring of Indignant Rage has been replaced by Ring of Scarlet Shadows with a Sovereign gem as well. I know I'm pretty undergeared compared to most DK's and I'm trying my hardest to get the epic pants from H UK, the Epic belt/ring from H Nexus but RNG hasn't been kind to me. Also I plan to get the cloak enchanted with +22 Agility as soon as our enchanter logs on tonight. I know I'm over the hit cap and could use more expertise, but what else should I work on?

Right now I'm Frost, but before that I had tried out the 51/0/20 blood build but it just wasn't sitting right with me. I liked the AoE of my previous spec and was hoping to get something similar going. With my current spec I've been pulling 1.7kish to 2k DPS on the Heroic training dummy using this rotation:
IT -> PS -> BS -> BS -> HB -> FS until runic power is 0 then repeat the rotation.
However in my H UK/Nexus runs I've been seeing my DPS around 1.5kish/1.7k at the most, sometimes barely out DPSing the tank. Is this as good as it's going to get for me? Is my rotation all wrong for the spec I have? Or should I just keep practicing and better results will come in time? I have no real aspirations to set foot into Naxx or Ulduar at the moment, I'm a casual player and enjoy the 5 mans, OS, and VoA more than anything. I suppose my old spec made me a bit lazy and I'm paying for it now, but I want to do the best I can with what I have so I'm open to any advice you can give regarding my spec, gear, enchants, gems, etc.