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Looking for a raid full of competent players that know their class who push themselves to the best of their ability? Tired of other people in your guild slacking off when you're giving 100%? Time for you to make a move and check us out...

Salus Novus on Bladefist (PVE-PST) is currently looking for a select few for our Ulduar raid group. Currently we rank #1 on our server being 3/14 in 25man Ulduar, with our 10 man group at 9/14. Also we had our realms first 10man 3D kill.

10 man and 25 man 3D down along with 6 min Maly, and we also enjoy PVP aspects of the game as well with about a third of our main raiders on 2k+ teams. Our main core has been around for going on 3 years, and had many of the server firsts in BC. We are looking for people who want to raid, and do not want to sit on the bench.

Currently we are recruiting:

All Druid specs

All Priest Specs

Fury and Arms Warriors



Ret Paladins


All exceptional players are welcome to apply as we look at ALL applications.

We are looking for skilled players who know their class, and can follow simple directions. Our perfect applicant is someone who has FULL knowledge of their class, wants to beat our members on the meters, and always has enough gold for repairs and consumables, whether it's a 10 or 25 man. Ventrilo and a working mic are mandatory. Also we are looking for players who play the game and are online as much as we are, which is ALOT. Warcrack is a hell of a drug, amirite?

Our Ulduar progression raiding schedule is Sunday-Thursday 5:00pm-9:00pm (PST)

Times are in Pacific Standard time. ALL Raiders must maintain 85%+ raid attendance. Many things happen in RL that are unavoidable which is fine. However if a pattern of not showing up appears, we will look to replace you. If you do not have enchanted/gemmed gear up to its max potential, don't bother wasting our time and yours as well.

We're looking for very skilled players and we are NOT interested in carrying players through content. Constructive criticism is one thing we give constantly during progression, even during farm content at times, ALL raiders must be thick skinned. We also like to have fun though, so don't be scared to app.

If you like what you've read then please visit:

salusnovus.guildomatic.com :: View topic - Application Form (http://salusnovus.guildomatic.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=221&sid=5c8df339f36743e844a30903ea5391d6)

and throw up an application on the forums. Or feel free to whisper Adiaphoros, Gow, Kataztrophe, or Ajnin in game.


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