View Full Version : WTB DK Tank Builds for Dummies PST

04-14-2009, 11:00 AM

My name is Wixie. I'm a cute little gnome DK tank. I plan to try out a dual tanking build in 3.1. I would like a blood build for boss fights and a frost build for aoe. But I have a problem...

I have tried to be a good gnome and research these options and the upcoming changes in 3.1 but I am not good with numbers and crunchie bits. I also have trouble with my eyes, in that they glaze over after reading pages and pages and pages of people arguing the minutia.

So, with that said and keeping in mind that my head might literally blow up if you start throwing percentages at me (and you wouldn't want that kind of a mess on your hands would you?) can someone help me determine how to proceed into 3.1? I'm not a half bad tank once I get all my talent points spent and my rotations explained...it's just getting to that point that gives me trouble.

04-14-2009, 01:11 PM
I hunted about, compared my current frost build to the changes, and attempted to put together a couple builds to try out. Suggestions would be appreciated since I feel a bit like I'm winging it.

This is the frost build:

This is the blood tanking build:

The blood build is intended for a single target/boss fight situation. I really wasn't sure what to do with those 2 points I put in runic mastery. I'm considering whether to move them to improved blood presence? Or elsewhere...I really don't know.