View Full Version : LF Ulduar raiders on Windrunner server!

04-14-2009, 09:40 AM
Wanting to get in on some Ulduar action and hate the drama of 25 man raids, or competance of that many raiders? We're looking for some people to fill some spots in our 10 man raid progressions.

We are a very dedicated group of raiders who set and meet our challenges. We've cleared all pre-Ulduar raids, and were working on 2/3D Sarth.

We are looking for 3 players of any of the following:

DPS: Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Shadow Priest, Warrior or Feral Druid. 2k+ dps heroic/10 man raid minimum.
Healer: Priest or Druid
Tank: While we are not actively recruiting any tanks, if you've got what it takes and can show your skill and gear, we'll consider you for a position.

Our raid times are Friday and Saturday night at 7pm (server time, PST) 'til whenever we've had enough. As such, our first Ulduar raid will be this Friday. If you kick ass, come join us!

Apply online:
Enigma - Home - WowStead (http://enigma-wr.wowstead.com)
(just make an account and click the recruit link)

04-14-2009, 02:14 PM