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04-11-2009, 02:46 PM
Sworn Enemiez, an Alliance raiding guild on Lightnings Blade, is a productive group of adults, looking for some quality people who are focused on progression.

Sworn Enemiez was established soon after the release of TBC, with much of the core going back 2-4 years. We've killed every WOTLK boss along with 3 drake Sartharion(10 and 25 man), 6 Min Maly. We currently have 11/13 bosses down in ulduar(10) and 5/14 bosses down in 25 man ulduar. We are looking for exceptional raiders with a good attitude. Ones who really want to do more than collect easy epics and titles.

Our normal raid times are 6pm -10pm server time, Monday through Thursday for 25 man content with Weekends off, usually with 10 mans available.

We are recruiting the following:

Resto Shaman - 1 (HUGE)
Holy Priest - 1-2
Shadow Priest - 1
Holy Pally - 1-2 (huge)
Feral Tank - 1-2
DK Tank - 1

We are always looking for exceptional apps of any class/spec. Please check our website out for more current recruitment needs.

Raid spots will always be prioritized based on performance and reliability, don't expect we want backup people to sit on standby, anyone can take a core spot if they deserve it.

We will expect a raider to:

- Come to raids ready to raid until it ends.
- Be prepared with plenty of consumables for whatever you might need.
- Know the fights/achievements we are doing. Watch videos or talk in your class channel about things before the raid.
- Use Omen, ORA2, and either DBM or Bigwigs.
- Have the ability to sustain decent attendance. 80%+ is ideal.
- Have the ability to give and take constructive criticism and advice gracefully.
- Keep a good attitude!

If we sound like the right guild for you, please post an app at Sworn_Enemiez :: Home (http://swornenemiez.forumer.com).

04-12-2009, 08:46 AM
i would also like to add, DPS must be able to sustain 4,000 dps. gear is not an issue if you only need a few pieces(2-3), however, we are not here to get you geared. we expect all players to preform at their best. we will replace you if your raid attendance or performance drops.

04-16-2009, 03:46 PM

now that ulduar is out. all applicants will be expected to meat the gear requirements, no exceptions.

while gear is not a problem, you will not be able to join in ulduar runs unless you can sustain 4k dps.

04-25-2009, 09:25 AM
Recruitiment needs updated