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04-11-2009, 09:53 AM
Ok, been playing mage for a while, but only been "Seriously" raiding since late BC, I don't fall into the "noob" category but I do think I have a few things to learn still.. For one, I keep reading about mages doing close to 6K dps (on various forums), and more but I can rarely break 4K... and lately it seems like the Proc gods, are not with me, and I'm closer to 3.5K on bosses.

Oddly, I was equipping the Egg of Mortal Essence, and the Embrace of the Spider trinket and getting what felt like better dps (more procs), than currently, where I have a superior trinket called (The Illustration of the Dragons Soul) along side with the Embrace of the Spider. If you look at the armory, I have mostly 213 gear, and 4 piece T7.5, with a 226 healm (The spirit promises to come in handy for 3.1)..

Three questions to you mages with deep class knowledge..

1. How is my geming? Should I ditch some haste or hit for spell? I currently have 429 haste, 259 hit, and 2135 spell power (unbuffed).

2. Is my rotation good.. I begin with ABx3, and do AM (whether proc or not)... with AB on the last missle. My logic is, the 3 stack buff is too valuable not to use the 5 missies on... but I understand some don't use the AM unless proc.. I also understand some never use ABar.. So your thoughts on that? Also, what about some who say that one should simply spam AB until you're at 35% mana, and then evocate and resume the above rotation. I do have macro's that combine my AB with Icy Veins, and Arcane Power, so as not to miss on those CD's.

3. Will my 56/3/12 (a slightly modified 57/3/11) spec be viable in 3.1? I don't mind the dual spec thing, but I really enjoy playing arcane and don't want to spec fire ball, or FFB unless I gain a significant dps advantage.

Thanks for your advise in advance.

Edit: I see my char isn't listed in my profile yet, so it's Barrymanalow in Anvilmar US Realm. thanks.

04-11-2009, 07:35 PM
Might want to post this in the gears and armory check section of the website. It'll be a better answer for you as this is more of theory than dedicated gem/gear checks. :)