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Who We Are;

Greetings and salutations fellow gamers and MMOG socialites, Please allow me to introduce to our Guild, Nocturnal Order, an Alliance Guild Created on the Dragonblight (US) Server in 2005.Here at Nocturnal Order it is our genuine intent to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere to your game playing, as well as being a supportive, team-orientated and informational resource for your gaming experience. This is a guild where everyone has a Voice and that your value as a Guild-mate, is based upon the quality of the person behind the Toon, and not the quality of their gear or their level.

Guild ranks are awarded by one’s contributions to our Community, and we recognized those contributions come in many forms and from any level, We also recognizes there are many different ways to enjoy this game, and that our players should feel free to enjoy this game on there terms. Our Guild functions as a Democracy, and is managed by a Leadership Council run by Mature Working professionals, whom understand Family and other Real Life Values and Commitments, as well as, the desire for people to want to get the most enjoyment they can from playing World of Warcraft.

What we are looking for;

Nocturnal Order is currently looking to fill slots for our second 10 man Naxx run and ultimately our 25 man runs. However ALL Classes and Levels are always welcome to apply.

Thou We may be a causal guild, but we don’t take Raiding causally, those that wish to Raid and explore End-Game Content with us need to have the proper commitment, equipment and tools (ventillo, basic add-ons, ect..), it is simply needed to progress, however not needed to join guild.

We are Aiming to have 2 groups for running 10 mans, one for east coast 5-8 server (PST) and one for west coast 8-11 server time (PST) 2 nights a week, and on weekends to do 25 man together perhaps 6-9pm server. Currently we raid 3 times a week. 75% attendance is preferred; however we do understand that Life happens. Raid times are sometimes subject to change depending on the needs of the group.

What We Have To Offer Our Members;

Along with the traditional stardard guild packages which includes a Guild tabard, a large guild bank, a private Vent server, and exclusive and informative forums and resources to help our members reach their maximum potential, we also offer these things.

Family friendly guild environment.
Mentoring and guidance for players looking to improve their Gamesmanship
Stable pleasant gaming environment free from harassment and discrimination in ANY form;
A Friendly online place to ask questions about quests, your toons, professions or any other game related issue. Sometimes the answer might be IDK (I don’t know), but at least most of the time there will be a answer. (dead air is so dishearten)
A place to meet share experiences with others and meet a some good people.
A place to have some fun and be free to play your character with out guild pressure
The oppunity to see a lot of the game with people that are level-headed and have warm hearts and possibly make some new friends.
Multiple ways to "Get Assistance"
The oppunity to be part of a "full service guild" and explore varoius way to enjoy this game such as;

1. Fun Events and contests and games (heck we have even thrown a few weddings LOL)
2. acheivements – including Runing old content raids
3. Guild meetings, as well as meetings and assistance for Classes, Raiding, Addons, UI’s and keybindings, ect..
4. -PVP
5. Heroics
6. Raiding 10man working on filling 25.
Are you right for this guild?

We are looking for people that have a since of community and help foster mutual respect and support to their guild mates. And that play well with others. Because we are a guild of mature adults, it is important to us that everyone remembers we are all here to have fun. We have zero tolerance for Drama or Disrespect. We do not care how good your DPS is, or how “Uber” you think you are, it is imperative that you fit in well with our guild and treat everyone with respect or you will be asked to leave.

We want People that are;

Team Spirited, puts the groups (guild) interest above their “own"
Supportive, respectful, willing to share knowledge and tips about the game,
Whom are willing to be committed for the long haul,
Who contribute to the community.
Who are looking for a guild with a social light hearted fun side, but also know when it is time to be Serious.
Our focus is enjoyment. We are not focused on loot, raid progression, top arena rankings, being the first to down world bosses or on pure individualistic accomplishments. If you want those other things there are plenty of other guilds out there that are better in those things then we are.

Instead we offer our members a really nice place where they can relax, be themselves and have fun with other like-minded people. We value a whole range of your own personal characteristics and qualities like; character, honesty, manners, maturity, sensitivity, sense of humour and personality which are a lot more difficult to level up then getting to 80 in a month or two.

We DON’T want people;

Whom want to be power leveled, raid guild banks,
Whom always be the centre of attention and who are extremely ambitious
Who always want to be in charge, or love to use the word ''noob'’ and cuss a lot
Who cannot respect others privacy, and want to cause continual DRAMA
Especailly those that want to gear up and move on.or NINJA Items
If this sounds like a place you can see yourself being a part of please visit our webpage at www.NocturnalOrder.net (http://www.nocturnalorder.net/). On this page you will find our guild rules, Guild Bank guidelines, and our Application for our guild. Feel free to whisper one of our officers in game, or in game mail “Sareck” should you have any questions concerning our Guild.

*** Ciderhelm -- REALLY Aprecaite all the great info you provide here and on your podcast :) -- TYVM for the oppunity to post here.

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We are still looking for more :)
I want to thank those that have asked about us in game TY for your interest :D

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I'm a prot warrior interested in your guild. What days of the week are you doing 10 mans? Any chance 25 man content could happen during the week during raid times? I'm looking for a guild of mature players that are understanding and flexible with folks like myself who have a family and can't always make every raid. I live on the east coast and can usually start around 8 svt on weeknights but won't be able to raid more than 3 nights per week. I have 25 man gear from Naxx, Maly, and Sarth and one piece from Ulduar. My current guild raid's start too early for my family and I'm looking for other options. Please link your website if there is one. The armory isn't working right now so I'll post that later.


-Bigisdigis US|Executus|(<<Monty Python fan :D)

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Bigisdigis, we normal raid Tues, Fri, Saturday from 6pm Server (pacific Standard) til 9pm and are currently working on 10 man Naxx and hopeing to grow to the 25 man content when we have enuff guild mates, Also we are working on forming up a new guild for going on WED and Thurs at 8pm server to 11pm.
We are also working on Pug 25 of OS, most go good or OK, and some not so good /shrug Pugs

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