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04-09-2009, 04:28 AM
Pride of St George (Nordrassil EU)
Playing for fun, not for work

Meet some of our members:


After 2+ years as an underpowered paladin, the player formerly known as Ęgis decided to (face)roll a Death Knight for Wrath, choosing a suitably apt name for his new avatar. Bitterness lists his hobbies as bragging about soloing Hogger, two-manning Heigan and trying desperately to claim that Icebound Fortitude isn't OP.


Morthax's gold poverty is only exceeded by his ego. With a frankly disturbing obsession with optimising his dps for every encounter and an irritating penchant for making 'jokes' in pseudo-code, he's the guy you wish wouldn't turn up for every raid, but still does.


Branded 'Mostly Harmless' by her guildmates, Koseputa's conversational skills can be relied upon to leave you dumbfounded for hours on end. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of the numbing effect of a /w exchange with Kose to ease the boredom of hours of grinding.

Alebeard/Stonk/Waerloga/The Godfather

A shadowy figure about whom very little is known, Alebeard acts as the 'bank' and legitimate face of the criminal organisation behind PoSG's masses of wealth. Hardened criminals have been known to blub uncontrollably at one of his razor-sharp put-downs. Age and location unknown, consider unarmed and dangerous.

Why you should join:

Maybe you're interested in seeing the raid content that Wrath of the Lich King has to offer, but put off by guilds with minimum attendance requirements and onerous gear expectations. Maybe you've been in such a guild and are looking for a change of pace. Maybe you're looking for a good place to call home, with friendly but frankly quite odd people. PoSG have decent 10 Man raid experience, clearing up to KT in leaving only Maly and Sarth+1-3 to go, and do well when we raid, regularly one-shotting boss fights (even with a healer and DPS locked out of the room!) We're interested in progression, but not at the expense of having fun. Loot is done by rolling and signups are generally first-come, first-served.

How you should join:

Head on over to our website (http://www.prideofstgeorge.com/) and get a feel for what we're about. If you're interested, tell us a bit about yourself on the forums, and prepare for a hazing the likes of which you have never seen!