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04-08-2009, 04:15 PM
<Pandemic> is an ally re-roll guild on the Stonemaul-PVP server. Our core was formed several years ago in a small LAN center where we began playing Counter-Strike, Warcraft III, DOD and more before enjoying World of Warcraft for almost four years. Several of us have become bored with the current content, struggling on a low pop server, and the horde perspective. Most of us have cleared Vanilla content thru BWL, along with all BC and WOTLK content to date. We are now looking to add some new friends, while focusing on end-game progression level content.

What we're looking for: We're currently looking for experienced raiders who are looking to experience a new class or faction with the desire to raid end-game content. Our goal is not to teach you your class, the content, or hold your hand throughout this endeavour. We seek skilled individuals who have a firm knowledge of the current content and are able to follow directions and read up on their class regularly.

Being a re-roll guild we understand it takes time to level a new character. We ask for your dedication and time to make this a top level guild. Established characters are not being recruited at this time.

Raid Times:
We plan on raiding weeknights around 8-11 CST.

More information can be found by contacting Aurix, Acidlord or Bloodninnja in game, by posting on our forums, or by reading our guidelines in our application form on our website at Pandemic (http://www.wowpandemic.com/).

If you're interested in joining please use the application form under the recruitment section of our site.
Pandemic (http://www.wowpandemic.com/guild_applications/new)

04-13-2009, 09:29 AM
Off to a good start, got about 20 commited members. Still looking for mages/locks/hunters.