View Full Version : Math Help please (Warriors)

04-08-2009, 09:36 AM
So I was wondering why best in slot leather (for warriors) was such a bone of contention. I thought it was perhaps the atp gain, but I was wrong. I added up just armor pieces, this is without weps,trinks,cloak, ranged, and rings. Best in slot plate, and best in slot leather(with one BiS mail piece). The results I have are both warriors with 3/3 armored to the teath.

plate 14,000 armor 1483 atp 8% crit no agility 467 crit
Leather 6,000 armor 1272 atp 22% crit 518 agility plus 406crit

I realize why leather is being used the ungodly amount of crit you gain from all the agility is the real problem. Now my math question is this. The warrior in leather gains 100 atp from armored to the teath, and the warrior in plate gains 233 atp from wearing plate. What kind of change to the att equation 180:3 would it to take beat that crit bonus assuming both warriors were wearing exact same weps,trinks,ranged, and rings?
I took the best in slot off the post in this site. I am wondering If the att equation could be upped to keep warriors out of leather make it unequitable to use leather.