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04-07-2009, 11:38 PM
Second Nature is a looking for a few great players to supplement our raid roster for Ulduar. The guild is a fun and productive group of mostly adults, looking for some quality people who are focused on progression.

Raid Experience
SN was established soon after the release of TBC, with much of the core going back 2-4 years. In TBC we cleared all content up to 5/6 sunwell Pre 3.0, w/ KJ being killed the day 3.0 hit. We've killed every WOTLK boss along with 3 drake Sartharion, and are always looking for exceptional raiders with a good attitude. Ones who really want to do more than collect easy epics. We are a guild heavily focused on progression, including achievements, as well as hard modes.

Our normal raid times are 6pm -10pm PST, Sunday through Thursday for 25 man content. Fridays and Saturdays are off nights, although many of our members prefer to run 10 mans w/ either mains or alts. Lately we've been clearing all 25 man content in two days, however if there is ever content left, raiders are expected to be there on Sunday and Monday as well.

Razorscale and Flame Leviathan down in Ulduar.

Current Recruiting Needs

We are especially looking for the following:

- 1 Holy Paladin
- 1 Disc Priest / Holy Priest
- 1 DPS DK
- 1 Warlock
- 1 Prot Warrior
Currently we are also looking for another hunter, one healer of any class, and possibly a protection paladin. We are always looking for exceptional apps of any class/spec. Please check our website out for more current recruitment needs.

Raid spots will always be prioritized based on performance and reliability, don't expect we want backup people to sit on standby, anyone can take a core spot if they deserve it.

Expectations of our raiders:
- Come to raids ready to raid until it ends.
- Be prepared with plenty of consumables for whatever you might need.
- Know the fights/achievements we are doing. Its not always as simple as just making the boss die. Sometimes you will need to watch videos or talk in your class channel about things before the raid.
- Use Omen, ORA2, and either DBM or Bigwigs.
- Ability to sustain decent attendance. 80%+ is ideal, but not required. If you think you can only handle 50% than we're probably not the guild for you.
- Ability to give and take constructive criticism and advice gracefully.
- Keep a good attitude!

If we sound like the right guild for you, please post an app at our website (http://www.secondnature-guild.com/).
We will review all apps and try to get back to you asap. If you look like what we need, we will contact you for a quick chat and invite you for a trial period which will last about 2-4 weeks. If you perform to our expectations, you will be promoted you to full member.

For any questions about Second Nature or the application process, feel free to contact Zappitt, Baracon, or any officer in game, or on the Second Nature Website.

As someone who transferred from another server to join SN, I can testify to the guild's welcoming spirit and wonderful atmosphere. Since I becoming a part of Second Nature, I just can't imagine myself anywhere else. Many of the core raiders in the guild have been playing together for ages, but do not exclude newcomers at all--That was something I was a little nervous about when I first joined, but they have been wonderful. The guild leadership works with all of our members to create not only successful raids, but a comfortable, fun guild environment.
Check us out--Maybe SN can be home for you, too!

04-16-2009, 05:51 PM
Post edited to reflect Ulduar kills & current recruitment needs.