View Full Version : [A][Hellscream - US] Chaotic Hope

04-07-2009, 02:22 PM
Wassup everyone =)

We're a casual raiding guild that pretty much consists of different groups of RL friends, which basically means we have the slackest raiding environment possible ^_^
However we expect our raiders to be skilled and know when to be serious.

We're currently 3/4 wings in naxx25(abom up to gluth) and full cleared 10 man's. We raid Monday, Wednesday and friday at 7 server with some 10 man's on weekends.

We're currently looking for more Mages, Fury warriors, Elemental shaman and most ranged dps. We are also looking for 1 holy paly and 1 holy or disc priest.
Gear is not really an issue atm.

However we are always looking for friendly skilled players =)

If you are interested please send a message to
Kirisute, Eyoshin, Moonwing or Arrwyyn

thanks and have fun!

04-11-2009, 12:31 PM
Bump, we're still looking for raiders that are interested in doing fast progression.