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U.S. Mannoroth - PVP Eastern Standard Time (This is a release day server)


Hammered is currently seeking a few talented players to fill out the roster for hard modes. We are a progression focused guild whom has set the bar high on a three night a week schedule. We raid 15 hours a week and are currently 4th on our server (3rd Alliance side) behind a couple of top US guilds. We are only a couple hard modes behind.

"Raid smarter, not harder" is a backbone of our raiding policy. We realize that good players are hard to come by, and gear comes in time. We are looking for those good players who will be able to keep up with the rest of our core. We set the bar high, and expect the people we raid with to do the same.

We expect few things from our raiders, and our recruits:

1) Attendance.
- We raid three nights each week, every one of those nights is important.

2) Performance.
- We expect you to be pushing the boundaries of your class mechanics, and keeping up with others of your same class.

3) Not failing retard checks.
- It might be great that you can pull top on the meters, but if you aren't alive you are doing nothing for the raid except taking up a spot.

4) Not going afk for trash.
- Even though it isn't fun, we want to speed up our nights as much as possible. Going afk on trash is something that slows progression down, plain and simple.

Guild History:

Hammered is well over 2 years old now and has a strong leadership council. Most of our players are old hardcore raiders that felt 5 nights a week, 20+ hours wasn't essential in WOTLK. We have kept stronger progression in comparison with guilds that raid 1-2 nights more than we do.

Our Officer core is made up of a few raiders that were in top U.S. guilds during either Vanilla WoW or TBC. We are a very strong, stable guild that is pushing the peak of content, and doing it well.


All regular bosses downed and on farm status in current content. Currently working on hard modes.

Hard Modes Complete:
~ [Heroic] I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare (Hodir HM)
~ [Heroic] Heartbreaker (XT HM)
~ [Heroic] Orbit-uary (Flame Leviathan HM)
~ [Heroic] Lose Your Illusion (Thorim HM)

We are currently pushing Iron Council, Freya, and Mimiron 25m hard modes.

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday - 7pm to Midnight EST
Thursday - 7pm to Midnight EST
Sunday - 7pm to Midnight EST

Invites are at 6:45pm.


1 - Resto Shaman
1 - Ele Shaman
1 - Enh Shaman
1 - Mage
1 - Warlock
2 - Holy Paladin*
1- Hunter

(edit for what we are looking for)

* Class we are looking for most at the moment.

Exceptional applications are always considered.

Please take your time with your application to let us get a good glimpse of why we would want you as a raider.

Loot and Attendance:

Hammered uses Loot Council to better spread the loot to the raiders and evenly gear up the raid. We have been running it for well over a year with all members solidly backing us.

We expect for 15 hours a week that you have at least a 90% raid attendance, barring any emergencies etc.

We ask for three nights of focus and dedication. (We are currently looking for 100% attendance).

Ventrilo and a mic are required to raid. We need people fully functional and able to communicate. Having a stable computer and good connection are also indispensable. We do not need raiders to be constantly disconnecting and crashing.

Likewise, we conduct ventrilo interviews with new recruits. This gives us a better indication of personality and play style. We do not recruit drama queens and misfits and have a very strict policy against it.

Contacts and Website:

Hammered Mannoroth - Alliance (http://www.hammered-guild.org)

You can find the application link on the front page.

Also you can contact Ipsec, Funk˙ (alt 152 = ˙), Plasma or Bunswack on Mannoroth, in game mail is also appreciated if none are online, and we can come to your server and contact you as well.

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