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04-06-2009, 04:27 PM
Figure I might as well join in, despite the fact that we aren't nearly as "pro" as the rest of the guilds here... A resource is a resource, right? :)

Path of Darkness (Ysera, EST) is a relatively young, small-scale casual raid guild looking to recruit some consistent raiders interested in 10-man content and preparation for Ulduar. We are primarily looking for healing spec'd Priests and Druids, or those interested in Shadow/Healing or Balance/Restoration dual-spec roles. We also can take on some ranged DPS, specifically Mages and Warlocks but all applicants are considered.

We are all working folks and generally raid 3-4 nights per week at 2-3 hours per night. Outside of the raid environment the majority of our raiders grind heroics for achievements or to gear alts for a raid slot. PoD coordinates raids over our Ventrilo server, and while you are not required to use a mic, you are required to listen. Our loot is distributed by an open-rolling system supported by a "common sense" council. We raid for fun, and like to see as many of our raiders get rewarded for their efforts as possible.

If this interests you, please feel free to contact us either through our website forums or in-game after 5pm EST. PoD is looking forward to welcoming you into our friendly, tight-knit raiding core!


Officer Contacts: Brahala, Cleyra, Corisa, Garian, Saydre
Website: www.pathofdarkness.com
Path of Darkness is a casual raiding guild on the Ysera (US) Server