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04-06-2009, 03:49 PM
Recruitment Needs
We have specific need for the following:
* Protection Warrior (you will be splitting main tank duties and must be comfortable playing as DPS as needed)
* Healing Priest
* Restoration Shaman
* Hunters

We still have a number of roster spots open to exceptional players of any class, even those not listed. If a tight-knit, dedicated guild with a light raiding schedule is appealing to you, then Dauntless may be just the place for you.

Server Information:
Realm: Eldre'Thalas
Type: Normal (PvE)
Timezone: EST
Population: Medium

Raid Schedule
Monday/Wednesday: 9 PM - Midnight EST
Sunday: 8 PM - Midnight EST

Raid invites are started 15 minutes prior to raid start time. It is expected that anyone who can be online when invites start will be on.

With a light raiding schedule of three nights per week, we do not feel it is unreasonable to expect 80%+ attendance from our members, which equates to one missed raid every two weeks on average. If you foresee 10 hours per week as too much of a commitment for you, please do not apply.

Current Progression
We have completed 10-man Glory of the Raider, and are working on finishing up Immortal before 3.1 hits.

Notable Completed Achievements: Glory of the Raider (Normal), Twilight Zone, Shocking!, Make Quick Werk of Him, The Safety Dance, And They Would All Go Down Together, The Hundred Club, Just Can’t Get Enough, Arachnophobia, Momma Said Knock You Out

Useful Links
WWS Reports: Wow Web Stats (http://wowwebstats.com/wgurjzuszcpde)
Armory: The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/guild-info.xml?r=Eldre%27Thalas&n=Dauntless&p=1) (You can expect to raid with the members under Ranks 1 & 2)

About Us
Dauntless is a raiding guild dedicated to end-game progression on a three-night schedule. Unlike most other guilds with the same type of schedule, we are not satisfied merely killing every boss in the game; we are intent on killing every Hard Mode raiding encounter possible, and beyond that, coming up with our own challenges to test our abilities. As our guild leader, Nazantia, succinctly puts it: “We’re here to put asses on proto-drakes.”

We pride ourselves on having skilled players who have a strong general knowledge of their class. We would rather raid shorthanded than lower our recruitment standards to allow someone who does not have a personality or skill level that meets our expectations. We feel that constantly striving to maintain our high standards is what will allow us to attain a high level of success.

The founders of Dauntless have put forth a very simple and clear vision for the guild that can be summed up in four key tenets:

* High Cohesion
* Fair and Quick Loot Distribution
* Careful Recruitment
* No Drama

More information about Dauntless can be found on our website: Dauntless (http://dauntless-guild.org)

About You
We expect all members to meet our minimum requirements. By keeping high standards, we hope to maintain a solid guild atmosphere that will persist for a very long time.

* Skill: We are looking for players who do not stand in the fire and are able to play at the top of their game. We are looking for people who can think on their feet and do not need to be told explicitly what to do for every fight week after week.

* Personality: Dauntless has a strong guild personality and you need to be able to fit in with us. We are looking for mature players who have a good sense of humour and humility. It is important that you can take constructive criticism at face value without being personally insulted. While we value skill, we’re also looking for players who are confident in their abilities but do not revel in demeaning other players.

* Reliability: We run with a small roster and as such, we rely on having most of our members every night. While we are very understanding of real-life events, we do expect members to alert us to any planned absences in advance.

* Gear and Spec: Your gear and spec tells us a lot about your knowledge of your class, your general theorycraft, and your level of social responsibility. While we do not expect applicants to have a full set of gear at our current progression level, we do expect it to be fully enchanted and gemmed using the best available recipes.

* Self-starter: We are looking for players who do not need their hands held. This game has never been easier to play, and information on how to maximize your performance is readily attainable with very little effort. You must be someone who knows where to look to find this information and apply it without being told. We are looking for people who are good, but always striving to be better.

To apply, please visit our website: Dauntless (http://dauntless-guild.org)

04-06-2009, 03:49 PM
Glory of the Raider (and Twilight Zone) completed on Normal.

We have a recent opening for a warrior, who is interested/comfortable tanking new progression fights in Ulduar. We're also still looking for solid hunters and rogues.

04-09-2009, 10:47 AM
We are still looking for a tanking warrior, a healing priest and a couple of hunters who are looking to play an integral role in our progression through Ulduar.

04-09-2009, 08:00 PM
>.> Does it *have* to be a warrior?

04-13-2009, 12:16 PM
Yes, we're looking to flesh out our tanking corps specifically with a warrior.

04-20-2009, 01:58 PM
Recruitment Update 4/20/09

-Protection Warrior. Must as comfortable tanking as DPS'ing and be able to do both equally well.
-Priest. Preferably someone comfortable playing as both shadow and a healing spec.
-Hunters. We have room for 2 of them still.
-Shaman. Like priests, preferably someone comfortable playing as both Elemental and Restoration.