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04-04-2009, 09:38 PM
This week our guild(waroholics) was to do their first naxx raid. The first night we end up waiting 3hrs before we have a 10 man raid. because our raid healer didnt show we tried to pug. healers who want to run naxx on a tuseday night are about as hard to find as TLPD. because of the huge deley we ended up only killing the spider wing. The next night same thing happens and we end up 2 healing it. we kill noth but did not have enough time to do enough heigan wipes to get the fight. The next 2 days not enough guildies even showed up so we just ended the raid then. Is there anything we can do to make guildies show up for raids they schedualed to do for future raids. ty for the tips.

04-05-2009, 01:45 AM
Unfortunately I find it just takes time and patience and a continued recruitment of more healers.

As soon as you get 3 stable healers, you can start cutting the slackers out of the raid rotation, but at this stage in WoW - healers have the power to mess up the play schedules of entire guilds full of other people without even bothering with an explanation.

As for overall raid startup - people will generally be a little unreliable until they start to see raiding actually happening. Of course raiding doesn't actually start happening until people stop being unreliable. Its a catch-22 that only resolves by random chance - once you get lucky and everyone just happens to actually show up, you get in there, and then they start realizing they can do this. Once you get to that point, it starts to flow better.

Except of course one healer deciding they don't need to bother to tell anyone they want to do something else can ruin it for everyone. If you can, try to make sure some of your DPS have backup healer toons. Not easy - not many people have backup healers. The ones that do are usually tanks, and so not as replaceable as your DPS...

In watching raid attendance, I'm finding DPS are the most reliable. They know that if they fail to show, they can be replaced very quickly. they learn that lesson through their entire toon's career. Tanks are getting more reliable in Wrath - they are often but not always replaceable. Healers in Wrath are developing the same kind of 'issues' tanks used to have - they'll just show up when they feel like it, zone out when they get bored, wax poetic when unhappy, and so on - because for many guilds they're as rare as gold.

Hopefully 3.1 will cause a lot of hybrid DPS to dual spec into healing, and change that dynamic some. I know just about every DPS in my guild with a toon that could be a healer plans to dual into healing, and as a guild leader I plan to make sure they all have the gear to be able to replace any of our healers - if not as well, then at least enough so that we don't have to call a raid because somebody didn't bother to show for what they signed up for.

04-05-2009, 08:23 AM
TY for the informatin well try to get more healers :)

04-15-2009, 05:03 PM
It's been that way everywhere lately. 3.1 should help this a bit.

04-15-2009, 08:08 PM
Use some sort of loot system to reward attendence or have a rule "must show up a minimum number of raids per week" and punish accordingly. For example, you can use a point/dkp system where people earn dkp they can spend on drops- people who show up more will be able to afford more gear. Or you can give -dkp for not showing up.

You can also prioritise Ulduar raid spots to loyal members- those who slacked the least and performed the best will get the first raid spots. The ones who couldn't be arsed to show up before can warm the benches.

But definitely recruit more and use raider ranks in your guild, even if you are a casual one. The ones who are the most reliable in showing up and performing the best get promoted to raider rank, and you can reward them with things like prio on spots, or gems/enchants from the guild bank and things like that. That way, when a raid goes on, you are sure that only the ones actually interested in raiding are there, and the people who aren't interested isn't tagging along to screw up things for everyone else because they don't have anything better to do.

The most important thing imo is to not give up, even though people don't show. Try to still keep going, pug the spots if you can, and if you can't, try to 9-man the instance or something, or try to form an alliance with another casual guild where you can raid at the same time to have a bigger pool of interested people. Because when raids end before they even start, it's very demoralising to the people who actually wanted to go, and makes them think about not bothering next time. Then it just becomes a cycle where more and more people become uninterested each time.

Btw, if you have trouble pugging people, put up a post on the realm forums with your raid days and times, you'll get many interested whispers, even if it's on a Tuesday.

04-27-2009, 01:32 AM