View Full Version : {A} Bastion of Uldaman Recruiting for 3.1

04-04-2009, 11:43 AM
((Refer to Bastion Guild • Index page (http://www.bastion-guild.com) for more details))

Bastion is a guild that has currently cleared all content in WotLK so far including:

* All Heroic Dungeon Achievements
* Glory of the raider
* 25 man 3 drake Sartharion
* 2:12 patchwerk kill (running 3 heal/3 tank)
* Numerous other achievements to our name. I even expect some of our number to achieve deadly gladiator this season.

We are looking for a few specifics
Restoration Shaman
Moonkin Druid
Death Knight

A special note for the Death Knight. We are looking for an exceptional Death Knight able to both tank and DPS. An intricate knowledge of all aspects of your class is a must. If you can compete you will be guaranteed a permanent progression spot in our guild.

We look forward to your application