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04-04-2009, 08:57 AM
Veni Vidi Vic´ is a new guild based in the Mok'Nathal server on Alliance. For additional information reguarding the guild, or if you wish to apply, visit us at Home : Veni Vidi Vic├» - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://vvvlegacy.guildlaunch.com)

We strive to create a strong family of members who truly enjoy playing World of Warcraft together, who present a strong, unified front to the entire player-base, and who will do everything possible to help each other grow both in-game and out. We are looking for members that want to preserve a fun, casual atmosphere in the game as a team(LAwL troll into penguin :D ).

My reason for creating this guild:

-I was tired of trying to find a guild that would actually say hello to me when I came online, I didn't feel welcomed.

-No one ever actually wanted to run instances.

-No one talked about anything! -If I asked something, I would get ignored 80% of the time.

-I wanted a guild that I could connect with player wise and friendship wise, and couldn't find it.

-Most of the guilds were way to large for me to make a significant impact on anyone.

Here's what I want in a guild:

-Whenever someone comes online, say hello, ask them how their day is going (if they just woke up "GOood Mornin!' lol) This gives the member a realization that they belong to the team!

-Getting people around the same level bracket that are of different classes so that they will see that they can run instances together if anyone sparked the idea up.

-Actually talk! Even if it's about your dog drooling on your lap! We don't want anyone to feel as if the conversation is just one on one. No, if we're talking about Fluffy Bumpkins dancing in flowers, you can put a sentance in on that (what's a fluffy bumpkin? Can it dance?)

-If anyone ever asked a question, we would expect most of everyone to answer it to the best of their ability. If not, google or wiki has always been helpful in those rare cases. No more of being ignored. (Sigh of relief)

-We want this guild to be close, friendship/family oriented. We feel that a closer, smaller guild will be successful in the end because you grew together in levels and would have more fun doing end game raiding or guild events.

-We want to reward members who dedicate their time, blood, sweat and tears to the guild and show what is generally regarded to “raider” or “hardcore” traits.

-We want to ensure that all guild activities are fair to all and any member.

-Our ranking system is based on guild participation and helpfulness.

-If you are not so social, we don't want to force you to be. Be who you are! That's the idea of a family guild! So now you have an idea of what the current members of Vėni Vidi Vici expect. What do you expect?

Once we are at 80, we plan on this:

-Consistent 10-Man Raiding, twice or more weekly

-Consistent Heroic Runs, one to three weekly :)

-Battlegrounds / World PVP / Arenas (interest limited to a select few), TBD

If anyone would desire to run more than 1-3x a week, by all means, we can make it work! Other random/fun things we will enjoy: -Help players develop their skills (if they seem to want or need help).

-Run random achievement runs for breaks/fun.

-Pick encounters to do for no reason at all (i.e. solo Ony, 2-man BC heroics, etc.)

A sum-up of what we are:

-Family/Casual Raiders PvE/PvP (wear jeans and a t-shirt please)

-Social if you want to be

-Goal Oriented

-Provider of rewarding experiances

-Ranks based on dedication

-Awesome and whatnot :cool:

Does Vėni Vidi Vici seem like the guild for you? Feel free to apply! Once you apply to the guild your application will be reviewed within 49 hours. After which, if you are accepted, you will be asked via e-mail when you are available for an interview. The interview is not supposed to be something to get nervous about, this is a family guild, we are going to wonder what your like, how you interact. If you think you are not that social and don't like to talk, but you still like to run instances, thats fine just say something and you dont have to do what you dont like :D Ingame contacts are: Bamber, Leilu, Ukufa, or Rapiear