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04-03-2009, 06:36 AM
I am looking to move servers from Runetotem EU to another EU server with the goal of finding a guild of like minded individuals.

I have two level 80s:

Slab - Protection Warrior - Naxxramas 10 kitted - outputting 5k+ threat (my main, main tank orientated)

Messenjah - Restoration Shaman - Heroic kitted - 1700+ heals, easily capable of healing any heroic and healed in OS25 and VoA10. (my alt, for filling spots and helping people in heroics)

I am looking to raid two or three evenings a week and looking to avoid Wednesdays as I set that time aside for my girlfriend. I am hoping to fill a main tank spot, perhaps with tanks performing MT duties on a rotational basis. I'm also hoping to raid in 25 man settings in addition to 10 man settings and heroics.

What I am looking for is a guild that takes a very organised approach to raiding, from organising the raids and all the pre-raid work required to be being one cohesive unit in the raid that respects minimum downtime and organised strategy execution. When I raid to raid to conquer the content. I suppose I'm looking for a hardcore approach to a less hardcore raiding schedule. I'm also looking for a guild that actively uses their forums.

I'm a gamer of potentially officer or raid leader qualities although I am not necessarily looking to perform these roles if they are being done effectively already.

I'm a reliable gamer and guild member who gives 100% to raids and the guild. I must admit that raiding is my prime motivation in wow, I enjoy the success of an orchestrated group of people overcoming challenges.

I am happy to chat on Skype, TS, vent etc if you'd like to discuss anything further.

Best regards,