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04-02-2009, 03:42 AM
Bad Omen is currently recruiting

!URGENT! 1 Enhancement Shaman
!URGENT! 1 Holy Priest
1 Shadow Priest
1 Hunter
Possibly 1 exceptional Mage

About Bad Omen
Bad Omen was created during the first days of vanilla WoW. Bad Omen was created during the first days of vanilla WoW. With a very light raiding schedule in contrast to other top guilds,we have been constantly standing in the forefront by scoring TOP-10 kills on Kael'Thas and Illidan as well as a TOP-20 Kil'Jaeden kill. During WOTLK we've also completed the Heroic: Glory of the Raider achievement. We’d like to believe that Bad Omen is a guild with character. The social aspect of the guild is a strong one and we try to keep it that way.

What Bad Omen expects from YOU

Some things first:
- If you cannot raid 5 days a week during progress, do not apply.
- If you constantly need to go AFK during raids, do not apply.
- If you do not want to min-max/theorycraft on your char, do not apply.

What we expect in general from you is dedication. This dedication should be reflected in your in-game and IRL character. What we’d like to see in your armory profiles are clear signs and proof of your dedication and commitment. If you can’t be bothered to max-out two professions or get these last 9000 points for an exalted enchant, Bad Omen will not be the place for you. We expect you to attend at least 90% of the raids over a long period of time.

We expect you to have an extremely positive attitude towards raiding in general. This doesn’t only consist of the willingness to loot a boss but also the willingness to go the extra mile to get to that point. Always having the best consumables at hand should be a matter of course to you. If you’d rather buy shiny things on the auction than paying another rep-bill for a night of wiping, Bad Omen will not be the thing for you.

Essentially we expect you
- to be always prepared - fully flasked & well fed for EVERY raid
- to be willing to wipe consistently in order to beat an encounter
- to focus 100% on the game during raid-times. As one once said, “turn off RL!”

What you can expect from Bad Omen

- Stability: We’ve been raiding successfully for a long time. We have a very stable guild leadership with clear objectives and directions. We always maintain a long-term vision for the guild and for its members, therefore you will rarely find rash decision made here.
- Raiding: you are able to play with other high-class players and raid on an very high level and experience new content before it gets nerfed.
- Fun: As said before, we are a social guild as well and have strong ties to each other. This mostly results in a lot of fun with each other and we strongly support social mingling!

Our Raid times: 19:00 – 24:00 CET, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday during progress. Again, if you cannot make these times, do not apply!

To apply, send your full application to apps.badomen @ gmail.com (mailto:apps.badomen @ gmail.com) or go to Bad Omen • Index page (http://badomen.unco.de/forum/index.php) to submit your application and feel free to contact Blancoo, Arlena or Benita in-game or via PM on our forums if you have any further questions.