View Full Version : <A> CoW/EU/PvE/Aggramar Recruiting mature players

03-31-2009, 08:12 PM
Creators of Withering <CoW> is recruiting and expanding to 25 man Raiding guild.

Req to join: lvl 80 - Experienced Raider, Mature, Patient, well geared.

Classes: Priest(2), Bear(1), Rogue(1), holypala (1-2), Lock(1).
(If you consider yourself an exceptional player and not one of the above give us a call anyway.)

Progress: All 10 man on farm.
All 25 man cleared except Malygos

We are a mature guild with loyal members who take both joy and pride in doing our best in various instances. We donīt class ourselves as a Hardcore guild, but we are definetely not softcore either.

We raid 3 nights pr week (+1 optional) and ask that our members can attend at least 2 raids each week in general.

Raid nights:
Wednesday 19:30-midnight
Thursday 19:30 - end (usually around 22:30)
Sunday - 18- Raid end (Usually 23, or at the latest midnight)
(saturday evening - Alt Run - Usually Naxx10)
We also do Raids for alts and have a fairly large alt section for these.

We use Teamspeak2 and ingame calendar for raid signing

We require a certain maturity in our members, but donīt currently have a "minimum" age. We do though look favourably on applicants who are 17 or older.

Pm Noztraz, Seizure or Aynis ingame or visit application form - Creators of Withering (http://cow.adune.nl/apply)