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03-28-2009, 10:15 PM

We are currently looking for a full time Off-Tank position for our weekly 25 mans, you will have a guaranteed spot in all our raids as our 3rd Tank. Extremely important to whoever is applying that they know and be familiar with the 3 Tanking rolls on Sarth 3D.

Here are the other requirements:

1. Well Geared> At least a mixture of T7 and T7.5 or comparable items.

2. Skill> Raid awareness, knowledgeable about the class, knowledgeable about the encounters.

3. Social skills > Not asking much here, just be respectful and friendly most of the times.

If you meet the above requirements, please feel free to write an application {http://www.stygianguild.com/forums/} ...................Secret word is "sombra"............................

"Accepting applications of all 4 Tank Classes"
If you applied already please feel free to contact me "Kalifax"or any of the officers currently online.

We have cleared all available content including Sarth 3D, and we are impatiently waiting for Ulduar to come out.