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03-28-2009, 04:41 PM
Looking for a good guild where you can see some endgame content and make some good friends? <Prophecy> of Duskwood may be the guild for you! We are a new guild made up of experienced raiders. We are currently recruiting for pretty much every class in order to get the numbers to sustain 25 man raiding. We are semi-casual however, so if you're looking for server firsts or to be better than other guilds this might not be the right guild to join. Our focus is to make good friends and provide our members with reliable access to end game raids while having alot of fun at the same time. ( WoW is a game after all )

Our current raiding schedule is Tuesday and Friday nights starting at 9:30pm EST. At least one more day will most likely be added in the near future and we usually get off our butts ( or on them? ) and do something on the weekends if we have the people for it. As for our loot system.... for 10 mans we don't bother with making it complicated and just do open rolls. For 25 man raids it's done by rolls [that can be] augmented by DKP (we believe that we've devised a considerably fair/possibly innovative setup).

If you're capable of doing raid content and are interested in applying please visit our website.

Home : Prophecy - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://dwprophecy.guildlaunch.com)

If you have questions feel free to contact me in game.