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03-28-2009, 03:50 PM
Updated as of 3.3 PTR

(Changes in the post below: http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.php?47813-WOTLK-Bear-Threat-Values&p=322965#post322965)

Testing confirmed on and updated for 3.1 PTR. Testing done using Satrina's mod. Thanks to Tony, Sat, and Kaz for putting up with my failures of math and helping me with some of the stumbling blocks and figuring some things out. If I have missed any abilities/procs/etc you would like me to test, please send me a PM on tankspot with the title of this threat and let me know. Also, sorry I do not have all the math laid out like Satrina did, it was enough to actually gather all the data and if you had seen this threat with all the math in it as well you would understand why I ommited it.

Interesting point to note:

Any damage caused in bear form, regardless of the form it was applied in, will still get the bear multiplier. This means if you moonfire, root, or wrath then shift to bear while the dot is ticking/bolt is mid-air, the damage done by the dots/wrath recieves the 207.35 stance modifier. This works for cat form as well for pounce, rip, and rake.
The mod uses 2 invisible decimals, so for example when you see:
20730 threat for the full 20 rage that actually means 207 threat as seen on something like Omen.

Things I would still like to test:

Feral charge on something that is snareable but not interruptable.
Feral charge on something that is interruptable but not snareable.
Bash on something that is interruptable but not stunable (while casting then while not casting).
How threat splits between targets in combat for the noted spells (if they even split but they almost certainly do).

Druid threat values:

Bear multiplier_____________________________________ 207.35
Cat form multiplier_________________________________ .71
Rage gains from Primal Fury and Natural Reaction____ 1 rage = 5 threat (not modified by stance) (assumed to split among all mobs in combat)
Rage gained from furor______________________________ 0 threat
Rage gained from enrage_____________________________ 20730 threat for the full 20 rage = 100 threat normalized * stance for all 30 rage (assumed to split among all mobs in combat)
Survival Instincts__________________________________ 4147 threat = 20 threat normalized * stance (assumed to split among all mobs in combat)
Bash______________________________________________ __ 158 normalized * stance (tested with 0/1/2 out of 2 Brutal impact)
Feral Charge________________________________________ 8294 then 16588 = normalized to 40 then 80 * stance
Improved Leader of the Pack heals___________________ 0 threat
Berserk___________________________________________ __ 12441 = 30 threat normalized * stance (assumed to split among all mobs in combat)
Clearcasting proc___________________________________ 2073 threat normalized to 10 * stance (assumed to split among all mobs in combat)
Mangle____________________________________________ __ Damage done * stance
Maul______________________________________________ __ (422 + damage done) * stance
Infected Wounds_____________________________________ 0 threat (tested at 0/1/2/3 out of 3)
Barkskin__________________________________________ __ 9123 = 44 normalized * stance (assumed to split among all mobs in combat)
Nature's Grasp______________________________________ 16173 = 78 normalized * stance (assumed to split among all mobs in combat)
Thorns____________________________________________ __ Damage done * stance
Demo Roar___________________________________________ 12772 threat normalized to 61.59 * stance (constant at 0/1/2/3/4/5 out of 5 Feral Aggression) (confirmed to split among all mobs it hits)
Faerie Fire Feral___________________________________ (36 + 638 + damage done) * stance
Frenzied Regen healing______________________________ 1 point of healing = .5 threat * stance modifier (assumed to split among all mobs in combat)
Lacerate (Initial)__________________________________ (.5*damage + 515) * stance
Lacerate (Bleed)____________________________________ .5*damage done * stance
Swipe_____________________________________________ __ (1.5 * damage) * stance (tested at 0/1/2/3 out of 3 Feral Instinct then retested again at 0/1/2/3 out of 3 Feral Instinct with Idol of Perspicacious Attacks - Item - World of Warcraft (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=38365) equipped just to be thorough and as expected nothing changed but the damage)
Savage Defense______________________________________ 0 threat
Challenging Roar____________________________________ 98 threat * stance modifier
Innervate_________________________________________ __ 50 threat per mana, modified by stances
I have addition data on balance and resto spells I can post if people are interested but it is not formatted so it is not in this release.

03-28-2009, 05:52 PM
Always nice to see bear representation!

Good work!

11-20-2009, 04:09 PM
darksend, will you be going over these values now and updating accordingly (or at least change the title to reflect how updated it is?)

Good idea, will not be home tonight but I will take care of it tomorrow

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11-21-2009, 10:23 AM

1) even though enrage now grants 30 rage, the threat gain from it is still the same as 20 rage.
1a) tested enrage with a KOTJ spec, threat unchanged.
2) innervate now generate threats due it generating a combat log entry.
3) feral charge: removed (when feral charging something that is both interrupt and snare immune it gives 0 threat) as I forgot what mob I tested this on before to confirm, even though I still believe this to be the case
4) the proc from Idol of the Corruptor - Item - World of Warcraft (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=45509) generates no threat.

11-24-2009, 01:28 PM
This was mentioned on another thread. It might be worth while to post threat gains per point of:
-Feral AP (by weapon), as we get specific modifiers for equipped weapon in Predatory Strikes
-By AP (it's not quite linear due to PS AP bonus due to level, but approaches it)
-(By way of attribute bonuses including BoK) By Str.
-Crit (AP * (1+Crit) etc.)
-Possibly hit/expertise when under caps

Given the importance of survival, I intuitively know that upgrading your weapon is your best bet, but having a numerical reference would be good. I didn't find anything on EJ since the old Feral Megathread.