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03-27-2009, 06:28 AM
<True Blood> of Haomarush-EU is recruiting! :)

We have cleared all 10 man content, cleared OS 25, VoA 25 and now have 3 wings down in Naxx Heroic.
More specifically Abomination Wing, Plague Wing and ofc Archind.

Now we are open for recruitment again for further progress into Naxx and EoE Heroic. :)

We are a semi Casual guild. We don't call ourselfs Hardcore, but we're not that easy going either.

Progression raid nights are:
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 19:15pm - 23:00pm Game Time.

Other days are used for OS, and 10-mans, this varies all in all and are not requiered raid days.

Recruitment currently open for:

-Resto Druid and Boomkin
-Elemental Shaman and 1x Resto
-Holy Priest and Shadow priest

What are we looking for?

We seek you who (are);

- loyal
- mature
- don't have a problem with the wiping while learning new content
- a quick learner
- a good listener
- good multitasker
- knows how to think fast in a suprise encounter
- able to dps/tank as if your life depended on it...
- have a good sence of humor
- like PvE and strive to conquer it
- is encoureging towards your guild mates
- still wipes with a smile and gives a pat on the back.... this is how we progress....
- knows how to sign up for raids and be there ON time, PREpeared and for god sakes does'nt forget he's/her ammo etc....
- have good social skills as we're not interested in a "hiered gun" and would like to actually see you online apart from in a raid. ;)
- are able to get on Team Speak, no you don't need to have a mic, but you DO need to hear us during a raid.

To sum it up in the wise words of Gurgthock of Elitist Jerks:

"You must be an intelligent human being, and you must be able to express yourself in a way that does not belie your intelligence. I don't care if you are God's gift to raiding -- if your ordinary communication consists of "culd u rez plz?? thx" stay far away, though if we're ever recruiting for the role of guild jester, your application may be filed away until such date."

Previous raid experience is not a total must, but it's a huge plus as you would then know atleast the basics of how you raid. :)
Ofc we do go through everything on TS during raids etc, but we do expect any guild member to have read up on new encounters, that way the road to bliss is so much faster. :)


Fore more information about us and our goals please contact us ingame.

Apply at True Blood - Home (http://tb-guild.org) or whisper one of the officers ingame for a chat! :)