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03-27-2009, 05:07 AM
We are Anastasis - a PvE guild that started from a re-roll project in late June 2008.

We are looking for additional depth for our endeavors in Ulduar and beyond. Currently we are considering for the following:

1 DPS Death Knight OR Arms Warrior
2 Hunter
1 Mage
1 Warlock
1 Elemental Shaman

NOTE: This is the maximum of each class we are considering. Our main focus is ranged dps at the moment

History and origin of Anastasis:

Anastasis started as a re-roll project with goals to raid end-game at a respectable level. Like other similar projects - we ran into some members giving up on re-rolling. A dedicated core had however formed and we kept going with sights set on WotLK.

Once the expansion was released and after a rather successful first attempt at 25man raiding we ran into a scheduled Christmas break. We lost a lot of members during that period because of the desire to raid new content

We made some internal changes and adjustments and bounced back with style. We were finally able to start 25 man raiding at the end of January and have been raiding ever since.

Raid Progress:
While we are certainly not satisfied with starting raiding 2 months after we would have liked to we do not feel ashamed about our progress.

Kel Thuzad died in our first raidweek
Malygos died the following week, as did Sarth with 1 drake up.
Next week saw us kill Sartharion with 2 drakes and the following reset we earned the Twilight Vanquisher titles.

Now we find ourselves in Ulduar, having killed everything up to and including General Vezax, as well as earned some achievements. Only one boss remains...

Raiding in Anastasis:

We are prepared to raid up to 5 times a week if the content requires. Our official raid times are from Sunday to Thursday from 20:00 to 00:00.

We require our raiders to maintain at least a 80% attendance rating - Vacations, Family emergencies and unexpected things will not get you instantly kicked from the guild. However if unexpected things keep happening over and over we will be forced to look for a replacement who is more in control of his or her life.

We use EPGP to distribute loot. The system seems to suit our guild very well and it makes for a fast and drama-free loot process. The officers hold a right to interfere, but this has not been necessary so far.

Additionally we encourage our members to take a 2nd raid-spec. People who are willing to use an alternate spec to help the guild should it be needed will get off-spec gear for 0 GP provided that they enchant, gem and glyph for the off-spec with the same care they would for their main-spec.

A successful candidate will meet the following criteria:
- Is familiar with more than one talent tree/ spec
- Is dedicated to their class and spec(s)
- Has prior raiding experience
- Understands that BiS items deserve BiS enchants
- After a mistake does not look for excuses, but for ways to avoid making the same mistake again.
- Does not see a problem in repeatedly intentionally wiping if a timer for x minutes is out of reach.
- Did not find this wall of text too long to read.

The guild in return offers:
- A progress driven raiding guild.
- A fair loot distribution system, where loot goes to the most deserving person.
- Help when enchanting main-spec items.
- Re-spec money for helping the guild by changing your spec.
- Rewards for doing things well (and penalties for repeatedly making same mistakes)
- An environment where all 24 other players in the raid are worth their raid-spot and nobody is being carried through content.
- High ambitions and like minded players who are nowhere close to satisfied with being the 21st guild on the server to kill Sartharion with 3 drakes.

Still here? Still interested?
Head over to www.anastasis-guild.com ~ Index (http://www.anastasis-guild.com/forums) . Put some effort into writing your application and keep checking back for our responses. Would like to apply privately? Just register and PM your application to Unia and Lithariel.

Have more questions? Feel free to whisper Unia, Lithariel or Nodin in-game.

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