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03-25-2009, 11:00 AM
Greetings fellow WoW players,

<Divined>, top guild on BB, is currently looking to trial:

- Protection Paladin or a very good Death Knight (able to play all specs but must be really good at tanking above all).
- Holy Priest.

Our guild is in the semi-hardcore category, witch means we raid on a fixed scheduale: invites at 19:30 and raid till 24:00 server time. On Sundays when progress raids need it we go over 6-7 hours of raiding to clear and progress in new content. We have 5 raid days: wed, thu, sunday, monday, tuesday (friday and saturday are for 10mans and alt runs mainly but can go in 25content as well if roster is up for it). We expect our raiders to be there to all thouse five 25man days so don't apply if you are not ready to commit to that.

Our guild is lead by very experienced offices in all WoW content, that have been playing this game since the early days of pre-TBC. All current content has been cleared long ago, soon after Wrath launched, 3Drakes included ofc. We will only consider people with a solid WoW experience, a nice and mature attitude twords progression and general social behaviour, people that don't go mental when they see purple on items. Most of our roster is formed by people over 20 years old, ventrillo is an absolute must for you, we need to hear and speak to you. Your internet conenction and PC must be excelent, don't apply if it's not the case.

More about us as a guild can be found on our forum at:

Apply Here (http://divined.guildomatic.com/forums/)

NOTE: gear is not a real requirement, it is however a bonus. We will know very fast from looking at your armory profile if you know your class, if you get a trial we will find out very fast if you have what it takes to be part of our main raiding team.

03-27-2009, 12:52 PM
Bump , still in seek of the same.