View Full Version : [H] Blackrock - Evil Galactic Empire (NZDT)

03-22-2009, 01:53 AM
Small tight knit Horde guild is looking for a few Healers/DPS. We are based on Blackrock Horde. Please note that we are a New Zealand Timezone Guild. That is we raid at New Zealand Daylight/Standard Time. This is Around 8 hours ahead of Server time or GMT +12.

We are an old guild, with most members having raided MC/BWL/AQ/NAX40 right through Burning crusade content and to WOTLK. We consider ourselves to be competent and skilled raiders looking to progress and work on the hard 10 man content in current/future patches.

We are looking for 3 skilled DPS/Healers to become regular raiders with us.

Prefering Shaman/DK/Hunter DPS or Shaman/Priest Healing.

You must be able to commit to regular weekly raiding of 2-3 nights a week with very regular attendance. If you feel you are a skilled player who knows their class and has an good understanding of gearing, then contact either Weve or Daemaius on Blackrock. Alternatively you can send me a PM on this forum. We will be running a trial raid on Thursday 7.30 NZDT.