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03-20-2009, 07:31 AM
I'm looking for ideas as to how to motivate my guildies to do a few things. We don't currently use DKP, so rewarding people with DKP isn't much of an option. Here's what I'm looking to encourage:

1) Raid Attendance
2) Checking the guild forums
3) Putting raid needed items/mats into the gbank

Does anyone know of any rewards or other motivational tools that I could use to encourage these things?

03-20-2009, 09:26 AM
Just some thoughts on your 3 questions.

Attendance -

Have realistic attendance that you want from people. You'll have an easier time with attendance in a casual guild with a 3 day raid schedule than a 5 day raid schedule. Remember that people burn out, take vacations, have puppy training classes, etc. Be prepared to fill spots by vacant members so that having "joe-healer" in the raid is not make or break for the night.

I think a loot system that rewards attendance is the best thing to promote it frankly. If attendance is a concern for you, a system that doesn't reward players for it isn't going to help that any. Currently I prefer EPGP to DKP, but both work fine.

Guild Forums -

Make sure you have strategies, guild policies, links to videos, talent specs, and discussions about what the guild is doing on the forums. Also realize that some people just dislike posting on forums, that doesn't mean they aren't reading whats there.

Guild Bank -

Set up your guild bank so it's more give and take. Make it clear what you are looking for (e.g. mats for potions/flasks, gems, enchanting materials etc). The thing that probably crosses the typical person's mind when guild banks come up is something along the lines of ... "what's in it for me?". Why should they donate gems and enchanting materials to a guild bank instead of funding an epic flyer for their alt?

Make sure the guild bank is providing a valuable service to the guild, and people will contribute to keep that going. Eh, some people are leeches. This is human beings we are talking about.. you know the guy who drinks a ton of coffee but hasn't made a single pot in the 5 years he's worked in your office? Yeah they play WoW too.

03-24-2009, 05:33 PM
Couldn't have said it better myself kol. Make sure to post in guild calendar the raid times and check to see if everyone is cool with it and if someone can't make it don't be afraid to pug people in. I've seen plenty of people joining the guild i'm in by having a good pug experience and even have a few guilds we co-raid with if we lack people. On a side note, you should avoid letting people toss in whatever they want in the GB I've seen some worthless crap in our GB that i'd take out to delete. Raiding guilds (even casual guilds) require cooperation and dedicated people to keep it strong. Keeping a cool head when things look bad really helps out too!

04-07-2009, 10:55 PM
one way to improve attendance is by using set times for raids. run at the same day and time every week. many people tend to have set schedules from week to week, and if you can work your way into being a part of that, you're going to have an easier time finding regulars than you otherwise might.

as far as the forums go, try to make them interesting. you've got to ask yourself, "why would guild members want to look at our forums?" and if you can't answer that question, you've got to create a reason for them to look at them, ie: add content as they said. or...just make it a place that's interesting or even FUN. the most active day in the history of my guild forums was by far the day after a guild member posted the thread, "Will the real you please stand up," on which guild members posted real life photos of themselves. (Of course we quickly locked off that section to guild members only, out of respect for privacy.) most importantly, once there's a good reason for guild members to get on the guild forums, you need to let them know what that reason is.

looking forward to hearing suggestions about the guild bank from others. our bank policies are somewhat fuzzy. one thing i recently did and plan to continue doing is opening up the bank completely for repairs on heavy raid days. the day my guild cleared OS+3 Drakes, all the members had a 150G allowance. as far as the bank's actual contents, i'm still trying to figure out a way to manage it. i mostly leave it to my officers to handle.