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03-20-2009, 05:21 AM
Knights of Heaven Guild - EU - Kilrogg is one of the top 30 Raid Guilds on Kilrogg Server - EU.

Our Armory profile.

Current Raid Progression:

Naxxramas 10 Man - 15/15 - On Farm
Obsidian Sanctum 10 Man - 1/1 - On Farm

Naxxramas 25 Man - 15/15 - Achievements - In progress.
Obsidian Sanctum 25 Man - 2 and 3 Drakes In progress.

Eye of Eternity 10 Man - 1/1
Eye of Eternity 25 Man - In progress.

For progression confirmation please check Wowjutsu.com

We started raiding WoTLk in december 2008 on 10 man and today we are placing Naxx 25 raids in partial "On Farm" Status, with achievements being done on every single run.

Ulduar raid program:

We are aiming to start Ulduar immediately upon release and will be racing other guild for first in server, first in europe Boss kills.

Classes currently open to recruitment:

1x Priest - Holy
Minimal gear level required: Tier 7 - 4/5 Pieces

1x Druid - Resto - Position Filled - Recruitment closed.

Requirements for application:

We require you to have a mature attitude, we are a hard core raiding guild, especially for 25 man, as we aim to clear all content as sooon as possible since we are aiming for the top 10 slots of best in server and top 200 in Europe.

We require you to know all boss tactics for OS & Naxx, 10 and 25 Man.

Proof of knowledge will be welcome.

We require you to be online 15 minutes prior to raid invite start, fully repaired, with all food, potions, flask, and consumables needed to perform your class role.

Punctuality and availability are a big plus.

We require you to have ventrilo installed, and have speakers. Microphone is desireable but not mandatory.

We require your armory link. Please log out on your best raiding gear and have the proper raiding spec for your main role.

Availability to change specs according to the raid's need is a must.

Flexibility in gear and knowledge for offspec roles is a big plus ( you may be required at times to act as offspec, and we expect you to be able to perform in offspec as best as your gear allows ).

Raid times:

We are a late night raiding guild, raiding a minimum of 3 times a week 25 man content, and 2 times per week 10 man content, depending on the week's progress in the raid contents.

Raid invites start: 22:30 Server Time ( 21:30 GMT )
Raid Start: 22:45 Server Time ( 21:45 GMT )
Raid End: 01:00 Server Time ( 00:00 GMT )

On weekends we will do 10 man content for gear and emblem farming, with raid times starting at 16:00 Server Time ( 15:00 GMT ).

Pugging rules:

Only VoA 10 and 25 are open to pugging.

All other content is not open to pugging.

Other considerations:

An interview will be conducted In-Game by a raid officer, and a class leader.
Please indicate times you are when submiting your application.

You will be expected to be unsaved for raid content ( Naxxramas and Obsidian Sanctum ) in case we wish to make a trial run after your live interview.

How to apply:

Please head to the guild's website On-Line application form and kindly fill in all pertaining details.

Alternatively, you may send the application through PM to me on these forums, following the questionare as posted on our website.

Applications will be automatically posted on the guild aplications forum section for Officer & Guild Master review.

Must include questions:

Please provide previous raid guild names, and officers that can vouch for your experience should we deem it necessary to consult with them.

03-30-2009, 08:13 AM
Post Updated.

1x Druid - Restoration - Position Filled - Recruitment of druids closed.