View Full Version : [A]Maelstrom:Lightning's Blade[US] LF Prot Paladin

03-16-2009, 07:00 AM
Server: Lightning's Blade
Guild: Maelstrom
Faction: Alliance
Site: .: Maelstrom - Lightning's Blade (US) :. (http://www.maelstromlb.com)


Prot paladin with minimum:

28k health (perfer 30k+)
55% dmg reduction due to armor (perfer 60%+)
4k threat per second (perfer 5k+)
40% avoidance ( perfer 45% +)

We raid sun - thursday 8pm - 12pm EST (that is r max raid schedule, lately its been tues - thurs 8 - 10pm

If interested, you can check us out @ our site .: Maelstrom - Lightning's Blade (US) :. (http://www.maelstromlb.com) or log onto the server lightning's blade [us] and pst Squirrels or Acorns in game