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Ambivalence is a European raiding guild with different nationalities. We focus on raiding and try get the best results out of that.

Ambivalence is a semi casual guild and our priority is getting as much content cleared in 4 HC raiding days. Ambivalence was formed 6 months ago

The guild does well and with all content cleared in such short time we set a solid foundation to the raiding community of Arathor.

With new instances coming up we are looking to expand our ranks and made room for a few exceptional players.
We are looking for players who can commit to the raiding we do either on Arathor or x-server.

Priority classes are:

1 Resto Druid
1 dps Deathknight (spec can be discussed)
2 Restoration Shaman

All other classes feel free to apply since we do not refuse exceptional players, but keep in mind we can always put you on hold because of overflow.

The following are requirements for joining us
1. Your gear is a combination of heroics, T7/7.5 and/or equal.
2. You are able to attend raids from 19.15 till 12.00 on Monday till Thursday, if progression is needed there will be a weekend raid.
3. You must be able to listen on Ventrilo.
4. You must have significant raiding experience to match your gear, and be able to pick up on new encounters fast.
5. You must be willing to wipe without progress and bring your own consumables, be it flasks, Elixirs, oils etc.
6. Good sense of humor - sometimes we screw around and joke a lot, you need to be able to handle this as well as the serious parts. No thin skin.
7. Fluency in the English language. If we have problems communicating with you, we can't raid with you.
8. Solid internet connection, no Nintendo connection!

If you think you are the player we are looking for, please use our forums to post a application. If you need any information or have a question you can talk in game to our officers: Kamper, Raeli, Selene, Dagor, Darag or Root.

This is the time to join Arathors fast climbing guild and your chance to be part of a good working machine that knows how to beat bosses, set up new encounters and wants to be the best in what we are capable of.

Visit our forum, make an application or send a personal message to one of our officers. Do it now, do it today and joins us on our adventure.

Please visit our forum at the following link Ambivalence (http://ambiguild.com/)

Thanks for taking the time to read this post - good luck to all those who choose to apply.

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still looking for ppl to join us in ulduar

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