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03-13-2009, 08:21 AM
[H] Knights of Dawnsend is opening our ranks.
We are in search of a few key players to push three-drake Sartharion, and prepare for a strong start into Ulduar with us. We are a progression guild that focuses on friendship first, content second, and drama never.
What we are looking for is the following:
One amazing Hunter.
One amazing Mage.
Two incredible Priests (one shadow, one holy or disc)
One incredible Resto Druid
And one insanely good Resto Shaman

If your class is not listed, but you feel that you would make a good fit in our home, feel free to apply, we're always on the lookout for incredible players. These are only our most pressing needs.

More about the guild:
We raid from 8:30 pm-1 am EST, on wednesdays, thursdays and sundays. In that time, we clear 25-man Naxx in one evening, and Slaughter Malygos for shards and work on Sarth+drakes on the remaining day. There are also weekly Naxx 10/ Malygos 10 runs, and from my own experience, I've never had more fun playing WoW than I do doing these weekly 10-mans. You can also find heroic (and heroic achievement) groups running daily, wintergrasp raids and VoA runs, Premade BG's, the "KoD gank train" and pretty much anything else you could possibly want to do.

Loot is handled on a silent-bid DKP system. More details on the website. Our view of loot is that it is a means to an end- better loot equals easier progression. If you are looking for a guild to give you free loot so you can show it off, find another guild. We're here to kill bosses, not afk in dalaran with our fancy titles.

Our guild is full of friendly, oft-strange people who value having fun and being with friends (and making new friends) above most everything else. We rag on each other a lot, but outright meanness is swiftly dealt with- we do not tolerate hurting another player's feelings.

As for our 25-man raids, this atmosphere is generally reflected, and there's a lot of laughter between pulls. But when it's time to shut up, listen up and get things done, we know how to do it- otherwise we wouldn't even be dreaming of Sarth+3 drakes. If we didn't know how to buckle down and get the job done, we wouldn't be waiting for Ulduar, hoping that Blizz gives us a raid that will thoroughly kick our ass.

We raid for a challenge, to see new content, to smash said content's face into the ground and walk away victorious.

Stop by Knights of Dawnsend - Twisting Nether (US) (http://www.dawnsend.com) and go to our forums to apply, or you can speak with Lachisus, Buffi or Haladriel in-game. We're more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and we look forward to having you join our family.

03-13-2009, 10:55 AM