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03-13-2009, 06:11 AM
Raiders of the Mist is seeking all classes/roles for semi-casual 10-man raiding, with the possibility of expanding to 25-man. Server is US-West Coast (PST). Current raid times are Sunday 2pmST and Monday 7pmST. Guild actively runs heroic 5-mans on non-raid days.

We have cleared 7/15 in Naxx10 in 2 weeks, VOA, and Sarth 0D. We continue progression in Naxx each Sunday. Raid experience is not required, but we expect prospective members to be at least running heroics and geared well enough for raiding.

RotM is semi-casual, meaning raid attendance is not mandatory for membership. Raid participants are expected to gear and spec appropriate to their role, but we do not force anyone to drastically change their spec simply to fill raid slots. Required addons for raiding are DeadlyBossMods, Decursive (if appropriate to class), and TeamSpeak.

We are a guild focused on maturity and fun. Please do not apply if you are easily offended by some harsh language or content. Members are treated like adults and are expect to act like one.

Please visit us at RotM Home (http://rotm.dkpsystem.com/) to fill out an application. To contact an officer in-game, send mail to Rachele, Bryenne, or Arcul. Thank you.

03-19-2009, 07:14 AM