View Full Version : [A-PvE] Balance Druid/Tankadin LF progressed guild

03-13-2009, 06:06 AM
Hello all just a little about myself real quick, I am a member of the National Guard, big yay I know, anyways I am 18 and am currently a guild leader who clears all but 25 maly and 25 man Kel due to lack of intelligence for lack of better terms. I love to raid and am a very fast learner and a natural born leader if ever needed in that situation. I have My Balance druid who is geared for anything and my Paladin who is geared enough for all 10 man content and I blieve 25 man Naxx, although I have yet been there with him. Realm: Rexxar Charcters: Refain (Balance Druid) Zwingli (Paladin Tank). Besides being my own guild leader in TBC I was a healer in BT and Sunwell. Like mentioned before I pick up things easliy and can pay attention to what is needed. I also have a mage looking with me to transfer servers as we find more and more as Rexxar tends to struggle. He is ranked in top 300 for gear in rexxar (not saying much but hes mostly 226 gear i believe) Anyways feel free to contact me in any way I am more than happy to transfer servers.