View Full Version : [H] EU - Xavius | RISE guild recruiting Feral Tank

03-13-2009, 01:41 AM
RISE guild is exVanila guild made by members gathered around wish to play again together. Led by mature bunch of people, we quite accomplished goal of being hardcore casuals. Raiding only 3 days per week, but giving our best in those 4 hours when we raid. Since we reformed close to an end of TBC, we made our way and achieved quite a lot in WotLK concluding last week Sartharion 3D. We are preparing for Ulduar and finishing last parts of Glory of the Raider achievements.

What do we offer?
Great community (ingame, forum, vent)
Proffesional raiding environment
Freedom to do RL stuff without getting kicked
Equal opportunities to all members for raid spots/loot

What do we need?
We are in urgent need of mature, communicative (ventrilo) and experienced feral tank, with gear from 10-25 man.

We can also offer several spots (if you are reading this) for:
1-2 Shadowpriests
1-2 Moonkins
1 Ench shamy
1-2 Holy paladins
1-2 Warlocks

Feel free to make lvl2 alt on Xavius EU and contact me ingame in evening hours, or pay a visit to our forum (http://www.riseguild.info/forum/) and post an application.