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03-12-2009, 04:03 PM
I'm posting this in Offtopic since I don't think it really fits anywhere else, hopefully I didn't overlook somewhere for it.
Anyway, my last attempt to type this post out got a bit lengthy, so take 2!
My reason for posting is simple, I've recently found myself so enthralled with tanking, not just the deed itself, but the theory behind it, the methods. Because of this I decided to take a look at Tankspot, I had heard about it through Cinderhelm's Naxxramus videos which were posted up by our guild leader, I spent a few hours digging through thread after thread, I found myself deeply in love with tanking once more for the first time in so many years. After I raided a number of both Warrior and Deathknight tanking threads I listened to a good selection of the podcast forum, I'm working through that as I level actually, even in instances at times.

With all that said and done I've taken a lot from Tankspot, infomation wise, and I can see that being true as time goes on, as I progress in game and as the game itself progresses and I look to hopefully contibute something to the rest of the community through my (strangly natural) DK DPS knowledge, my theorycrafting background and my sponge-like learning for anything I find myself interested in.

But as I don't have much to say beyond this I will simply say "Hi, I'm new here, pleased to meet you", and leave it at that.


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Where's your wall-o-text Kazeyonoma :p
And thanks.

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I only Wall-o-text when there's something to wall-o-text about..

besides it's almost time to clock out at work. i get lazy around now =P

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