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03-12-2009, 07:51 AM
Greetings! Thanks for opening this thread and checking out abit more about me.

I’ve played my warrior since 2005, tanking and dpsing my way through a hell of a lot of content. Main tanking and off tanking a lot of encounters.
With this I have also healed a lot of encounters as mentioned, doing content via two points of view give me ways to evaluate my performance, such as positioning, reactions, movements, special awareness. I can play wow; I don’t mash my keyboard with my face.

I have an alliance, 80 warrior, in around ilevel200, whom is alliance, with most of my raid experiance, tanking everything from ZG to naxx, then from karazhan to Illidan.
Along with this I have a badly gear 80 Paladin and Priest, who are both horde.. Which I would also be willing to play, paladin I am happy to play as protection, retribution, less keen on holy, thus I would prefer to play my priest as disc or holy. But all options are avaliable to be discussed!

Ill try keep this short and sweet:
Firstly, I can only raid from around 20:00+ (gmt+1 - Game Time) but there is ending limits, plus days offer no issues really, apart from fridays and saturdays I do go out, sometimes!
With this in mind I can often offer 100% attendence, without issues that may crop up that are outside of my control.
Raiding Experience:
Zul’Gurub – Cleared
AQ 20 – Cleared
MC – Cleared
BWL – Cleared
AQ40 – Cleared
Naxxramas – Cleared

Karazhan – Cleared
Gruuls Lair – Cleared
Magtheridan – Cleared
ZA – Cleared with Bear.
SSC – Cleared
TK – Cleared
Hyjal – Cleared
BT – Cleared
Sunwell – 0/6

VoA – Cleared Heroic
Sarth – Cleared on Heroic and normal. No drakes
Naxxramas – 2 Wings cleared on heroic and normal. (Cleared at 60)

Yes ofcourse i'm willing to transfer. I have tried to keep this short, if anything takes your fancy please feel free to contact me, Pve or PvP realm isn't a issue, all transfers are up!
Thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing from you, ofcourse I will be willing to answer any questions you may have.

03-17-2009, 04:45 AM
Sup im a level 80 Tank on kael Thas if you wana come to my server and start a Guild with me my name is Unholyblades im alliance.